7 Oceans Slots

If life could always be this simple we would have an element of perfection right here at our finger tips. This is a 3 reel slot with a single payline running horizontally thru the middle. There will never be any confusion about whether or not the winning combination was on an activated payline or not, nor will it be difficult to trace the zig zag pattern of a payline. With less to worry about you can now get down to the simple art of gambling. The lowest coin size is 25c so for 25c per spin this is a great game for beginners with a small bankroll. As a high rolling gambler here to make some good wins it is possible to increase your coin size to $5 and then play 3 coins on the payline giving you a max bet of $15 per spin. The biggest payout is 4000 coins so on a maximum bet of $5 per coin you are looking at a very decent jackpot of $20 000! Download and play at 7 Oceans Slots now!

Know your paytable

Your key to understanding this slot and making it work for you is by examining the paytable. The paytable has a number of columns. Each row in each column represents a winning combination. Each column shows how much is paid out based on how many coins you bet on that single payline. As you increase the amount of coins you bet the columns are highlighted. Betting the highest number of coins highlights the topmost column.

To illustrate how the paytable works take the following example. Betting one coin pays out 10 coins on a winning combination. And betting 2 coins pays out 20 on that same spin. So if you bet double, your payout is double. But if betting 3 coins pays you more than three times the win then activating the last column on the paytable is advisable. And this is exactly how 7 Oceans Slot works. If you are not comfortable with $15 per spin then simply reduce the coin size to 25c, bet the 3 coins and at 75c per spin you can flip into true gamble mode Three kinds of lucky 7’s

The symbol that pays is the 7. There are 2 different kinds of 7’s with the most valuable being the red and yellow 7 from the game’s logo. Besides the 7’s there are BAR’s, single, double and triples. Three of a kind will payout.

Play like an expert

This is a simple game and you can set up your game plan right in the beginning of your game and select the expert button. Since there is no interaction set the game to play out a certain number of spins. A good rule of thumb is to work out that if you have $150 and it is $15 per spin then set it to play 10 spins. What is left is your profit. Expert mode has other features that when you select autoplay you are able to tell it when to automatically stop. You can set it to stop when your balance goes down too much or when you hit the jackpot so that you don’t risk playing out the jackpot.

Get spinning!

Beginner or seasoned gambler, this slot is for the slot junkie who wants to really enjoy the art of gambling. So open an account today and get playing!