Savannah Sunrise Slots

The great Savannah Desert is the theme for the game Savannah Sunrise slots. This very beautiful and graphically appealing slot game is full of all the animals you would anticipate seeing as the sun rises up over the landscape. There are lions, zebras, giraffes as well as some amazing sound effects that mimic each animal. Savannah Sunrise Slots game is simple to play and you with the amazing number of winning possibilities you won't be disappointed in the experience.

A Different Type of Animal

Unlike traditional types of slot machines that use specific paylines that you can bet on for winning, the Savannah Sunrise slots uses combination across all positions on all five reels. This gives you at possible 243 different winning combinations without having to keep paylines in mind. All you do is choose how many reels to activate to place your bet. Non-activated reels only play the center symbol while active reels play all three symbols for winning combinations. Cryptologic, the designer of the game is one of the most cutting edge online gaming companies and this game is definitely a different way to play the slots.

Special Symbols

All symbols in the set combinations pay out on the game. The standard symbols including the nine through ace are done in lovely, warm sunrise types of colors and pay out based on the number of times that symbol appears on within the active reels. Playing all reels as active allows greater winning possibility. In addition the baboon, zebra, giraffe and elephant symbols also pay out based on number of times on winning reels from two to five occurrences. The king of the jungle, the Lion, is the substitute symbol and can work in any combination except as a scatter. It only appears on reels 2 and 4. The Savannah sunrise, with the gorgeous gum tree in silhouette, is the scatter symbol and triggers the free games when there are tree or more from left to right on the screen.

Multipliers and Bonus Games

The Lion symbol is also a multiplier and will automatically add to your winnings. If you get the three Tree symbols you will earn free spins, during which time the Lion multiplier and wild symbol can also be used to increase your purse. If you are lucky enough to see the king of the jungle on reels 2 and 4 in the same spin on the free games the multiplier is 15 times your wager. While this is not the standard type of online casino slot game Savannah Sunrise Slots is a great game for anyone at any level of experience. We recommend to play at at


. A simple download is all that is needed to get you started.