Rock Star Slots

Rockstar Slots

Betsoft 's new 3-D Rock Star slots rocks the house. Guitar riffs play in the background while you spin the reels of this bonus slot game. Themed after the massively popular Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, this is a slot game that gets you into an amazing groove.

RockStar slots is a 5-reel, 30-payline bonus slot game offering dozens of ways to win on a 2 to 50 cent per-line wager. Enjoy scintillating bonus Rock Star slots games, multipliers of 2x, 5x or 10x and Epic Solo bonus credits. The top award of 500 coins rewards you nicely with the 10x multiplier.

3-D graphics, a wide array of hard rock tunes and entertaining animation put Rock Star slots ahead of the pack. You won't want to miss any of the action with this Betsoft game. If you like karaoke slots, you have to try out this musically-themed crazy slots game!

Rocking Symbols in Rock Star Slots

Symbols in RockStar slots are animated. The lowest tier rewards come from the Record Contract, Rock Star backstage pass and a bottle of whiskey. Prizes are awarded when you match three or more. Expect winnings ranging from 10 to 200 coins.

The next level of prizes include the Rolling Stone look-alike magazine, female groupie and the burly drummer. Receive a reward when you match at least three of these symbols. Prizes at this level range from 25 to 400 coins.

The final level of prizes come from the three remaining band members-singer, bassist and a Slash look-alike guitarist. Again, you need a minimum three matches for the reward of 50 to 500 coins.

The red guitar is a bonus symbol that unleashes the Epic Solo bonus where you win instant bonus credits. Gold and Platinum records reward you with multipliers of 2, 5 or 10. Finally, the Rock Star VIP Access pass symbol leads you to the exciting interactive bonus game. You need at least three Rockstar VIP passes to launch the bonus round.

Rock Star Slots Bonuses

Once the reels display three red guitars on an active payline, the Slash look-alike takes center stage and plays an electrifying solo. During this solo, his guitar lights up three random of the current symbols. Those symbols reveal prizes that can total hundreds or thousands of chips.

Another surprise feature of this game involves getting the band together after a Big Win. When you get gold or platinum multipliers along with other symbols that lead to a Big Win, the animated band fills the screen playing a quick rock song while your winnings add up and there's a shocking finale you won't want to miss!

When you get three VIP access passes on one payline, the bonus game begins. Fans of Rock Band or Guitar Hero will recognize this game. You're taking over the guitar and must hit the right colored note at the right time to win coins. The more notes you hit, the more you win! And don't be fooled into thinking this game will be a piece of cake, timing and speed are everything.

Get Rocking at Your Favorite Casino

Head to your favorite Betsoft Casino to enjoy the entertainment provided by Rock Star slots. Betsoft have outdone themselves with this winning slot game.

Take advantage of free welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses when you play. There's nothing better than playing a new, exciting slot and having free money to spend!

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