The Slotfather Slots

Made by Betsoft during their spree of turning out fantastic 3D video bonus slots a few years back, Slot Father Slots lets you explore your dangerous Italian mafia side in a mob boss underworld of professionals and wiseguys. You've seen enough Godfather themed movies to know that your worth as a mafia guy is characterized by how good an earner you are, and Slot Father slots lets you show out without dodging Sicilian hitmen and Tommy gun surprises from creeping Ford-Ts. It's a 5 reel, 30 payline money maker that puts smack into a movie scene, without recognizable caricatures of your favorite mafia actors - except they're in a humorous cartoon form. In case you haven't made a note of it, the Godfather is replaced with his game alter-ego - the Slot Father - and you just might have the good fortune to run into the underworld boss in a bonus round. Slot Father Slots is playing right now at Drake Casino, where there's a seat open for you at the table.

Slot Father Gameplay

Slot Father Slots is equal parts movie and equal parts game, with reminiscent music themes strumming along in the background, as you encounter the many mafia-related symbols. The Underboss Scatter symbol, for example, will provide you with a compounding series of credits, in the following manner:

  • 3 Underboss Scatter cards wins you 50 credits
  • 4 Underboss Scatter cards yields 100 credits
  • 5 Underboss Scatter cards will get you 200 credits

Additionally; you'll have two surprises waiting for you as well as a bonus round with any of the above.

Slot Father Slots also has a Multiplier, just like the better slot games usually have, in order to give players more chances at winning big. The so-called Multiplier Mob Free Spins appears when you are able to hit double Tommy gun symbols on the reels, on opposite sides of the payline you're currently playing. An underworld boss called Frankie will, in one of Slot father Slots scintillating graphics scene, grab a gun and light up the screen with crisply-rendered bullet holes, sending you ducking for cover - until you sheepishly realize it's just a game. Getting back to the business of earning, you can then pick one of the bullet holes on the screen, which will then flip over and alert you of the number of free spins that awaits you, as well as the magnitude of the coveted payout multiplier.

Slot father Bonus Galore

Slot Father Slots has a Sneaky Instant Win feature, which occurs when the special Suitcase Full of Money (mob guys don't exactly write checks, after all) symbols show up on opposite sides of another character, Sammy Quickfingers, on any of lines 1-3. This aptly-named thief will then become animated and tries to grab the Money suitcase, successfully snagging a wad of cash; the amount he succeeds in bringing back represents your winnings.

The final Bonus game in Slot Father Slots shows up - understandably - when you are able to land three symbols of the esteemed Slot Father; after which you will be whisked to a second screen. Then begins a sort of game-within-a-game, in which you're employed by the Boss of bosses to place lucrative slot machines all around town; three of them, to be exact. You are handsomely rewarded for every successful placement of a slot, in a scene in which you sit down to dinner with the Slot Father and are ceremoniously paid.

Slot father Slots routinely receives high ratings for gameplay; you can come check it out over at Drake Casino to see if it suits your style.