RAZZMATAZZ Slots is a traditional slot game brought to you by Microgaming. This is a three reel and one pay line slot game with a jackpot ceiling of 4,000 coins. The theme of this slot game is the Song of animals rock band. Here, you will see a frog, fox and chicken playing various jazz instruments. Play with coin values that start as low as a quarter and up to five bucks a spin. To win the top jackpot then you need to be playing the maximum coins. There are nine winning combinations possible in this slot game. You can play this by downloading the game or you can play the flash version in your web browser. RAZZMATAZZ slots are guaranteed to make you laugh until your side splits.

The Scatter & Wild are the same

Razzmatazz is the wild symbol and the Scatter symbol too. It can be swapped for any other symbol to create more winning combinations. When you get three Razzmatazz symbols anywhere on the reels you win 1,000 coins automatically. Other symbols in this game include the Seven, Orange Bars, Blue Bars, and Pink Bars. To get the 4,000 coins which is worth an impressive twenty grand all you have to do is wager three coins and get three Razzmatazz symbols. The next jackpot is 2,500 coins and if you are wagering just two coins and get the three Razzmatazz symbols it is all yours. The next jackpot is 1,000 coins and all you have to do is wager one coin while getting the three Razzmatazz symbols.

Hands Free Gaming

The auto play feature is available with this game for hands free gaming. You can set this function to play as many spins as you would like to so that you do not have to sit there and use your hands for continual play.

Unnecessary Extras

There are no free spins, gamble features, or multiplier symbols used in this game. This game does not require a bunch of bells and whistles because they just are not necessary. This is a great way to enjoy yourself and you will not want to stop! Download and play RAZZMATAZZ Slots for hours of entertainment and big possibilities of super wins. Be prepared to spend some time enjoying the animations and laughing until you just cannot stand it anymore! Microgaming sure did a good job with this game!