Piggs Casino

Part of the Microgaming family of outstanding casinos, Piggs is the successor to the older Piggs Peak Casino, one of the first online gambling establishments. Piggs has been around in its current form since 2000.

Elder Brother of the Microgaming Family

The reason that Microgaming casinos are so often in the growing collection of top casinos is that they offer the features that we all seek when we are looking for a casino:

  • Best Quality Security - Microgaming enjoys a reputation as being extremely secure in dealing with players' personal information and their finances.

  • Unparalleled Customer Support - Microgaming casinos offer three avenues to customer support: Toll Free Telephone, Email and Live Online Chat. The telephones and chat lines are manned 24 hours per day, every day, and the email response time is among the best. No matter what the players' preferred form of communication is, Piggs has them covered.

  • The Industry Standard in Games - Microgaming set the benchmark long ago in online gaming standards, and that high quality of game continues today. Whether players prefer traditional three-reel slot games, high-tech video slots or the most finished of table games, Microgaming and Piggs is able to offer it.

The Games at Piggs

Though an old-school casino by online gaming standards, Piggs keeps current with the latest and most exciting games that Microgaming has to offer. All of their huge collection of games is available via their download, and many of them are also available in Adobe Flash form, allowing players to play without loading information on the computer that they are using.

Here is a selection of the over 100 spectacular slot games that are available at Piggs:

  • Soccer Safari Slots - Released in concert with the 2010 World Cup of Soccer, Soccer Safari is a soccer themed game where Serengeti animals play the parts of soccer players and referees. The game is fast moving and fun with lots of free spins and side games to add to the excitement.

  • Voila! Slots - A romantic visit to gay Paris is the theme for Voila! This game is a fairly simple five-reeler that is beautifully designed with stunning graphics contrived to transport the player to Paris in the springtime.

  • Chain Mail Video Slot - This time the take on the knights and princesses is a witty one. Chain Mail is a rollicking ride through Merry Olde England with hysterical side games and lots of free spins to keep the action going.

Visit Piggs Tonight!

As a Microgaming property, Piggs is not currently available to new players from the US, and will not be until further notice. Those already registered at Piggs, however, can continue to play there in US Dollars. If you are registered there, head on back to Piggs tonight and get the reels spinning for some hot slot action. If you are not registered at Piggs, check out one of the other top casinos for some fun and great gambling action.