New Highlander Slots

Highlander Slots is a 5 Reel/243 Way 243 Ways slot game powered by Microgaming. This high profile release slot game is due to go live in early-December 2017 after Microgaming signed a licensing deal to create a slot based on the 1986 film 'Highlander'. The agreement was facilitated by Creative Licensing Corporation and agreed to by Studiocanal, the rights holder for the film.

The film, which is the game's theme, was released in 1986 New York and Scotland. Christopher Lambert plays an immortal swordsman, Connor Macleod, who is only one of two remaining members of his clan. His mission is to defeat another immortal, The Kurgan. The only way to defeat this immortal is by chopping off his head and claiming all his powers. Highlander became one of the most watched classic films in history.

Microgaming has now created an online slot version of the movie and aim to remain true to the original movie as much as possible by using the classic movie art style and an intense soundtrack. This promises to entertain slot players and be quite exciting. Microgaming's David Reynolds said, "Highlander is seen as one of the great cult hits of the 80s. With its action-packed storyline and hefty rock inspired composition, it is a fantastic brand for an online slot."

Creative Licensing's Stephanie Kupperman also commented, noting: "Many of the iconic characters from classic "Highlander" are featured in the slot, including Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, Roxanne Hart as Brenda Wyatt and Clancy Brown as The Kurgan. We think fans are really going to enjoy revisiting this epic story, and seeing their favorite heroes and villains in game format."