Kaya Casino

If Kaya Casino is new to you, we’ve got all the information you are likely to need before deciding whether to sign up. We’ve spent some time reviewing the site to go beyond the initial splash of color and features that are shown on the home page. The site does look good, but does it meet your requirements for a good casino experience? That is what we are about to find out.

Does this casino accept players from Europe, Canada, Australia, or the US?

This is very important to know as it could affect whether you can sign up at all, let alone use the other features Kaya Casino has in store for its players. It looks as if they only allow members from four countries to sign up. These are listed as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and India. Those currencies are also listed for use on the casino website.

This means those from Europe and the USA are not allowed to join the site. This is a restrictive list – normally you will see a list of the countries that are banned from participating in a casino. Here, it is the other way around as the list of allowed jurisdictions is so short.

Which software is used to power this casino?

We can look forward to RTG software providing the gaming action at this casino. Kaya Casino is a delight to use and it provides players with the full array of games on offer from Real Time Gaming. No doubt the presence of those letters will help you decide whether to read on and find out more about this casino. You can count on spotting their oldest classics and their newest titles among the collection.

Does this casino offer a variety of games to play?

Yes, you can look forward to the usual selection of slots, of course, but we will come to that part of the site in more detail shortly. First, we should highlight the other games you will get to play there. Kaya Casino delivers video poker alongside its table games, but you also get the chance to try progressives and specialty games. They also have a special section for all the new games that have been added to the existing collection of late.

Casino slots are split into sections for each reel quantity

That means you will see three sections covering three reels, five reels, and even the less common six reels. These areas are good to see, and they make it easier to get to the slots you would most like to play. Some of them do include progressive jackpots to be won, in which case those amounts are written by the title of the game.

Trying online games free: Is that a thing here?

It is, but it is a feature only signed-in members can use. RTG does provide demos of all their games, but members are the only people to get access to them. If you wish to try a game prior to signing up, you will need to find it on another site first.

What about the paid versions of these online games?

This is the big attraction at this casino, of course – just as it is at other casinos. You get the chance to try and play some real games if you want to proceed in this way. You should always be sure you know whether you are trying a demo or real version of a game before you get started.

New slots are tucked in the new game section

Most of the games on the site are slots, although there are lots of other treats to be found there of course. The thing to remember here is that most of the new games are slots too. The new section never has more than a handful of games on offer, bringing you an easy way to locate some new titles you may not yet have seen. They will appear here whenever RTG releases something new for you to try.

Are you ready to claim some promotions?

We bet you are, and you can get things underway with a welcome deal at Kaya Casino. The site has a $50 free chip on offer at present, although of course all promotions can change without notice. They also have a 100% welcome deal available when you decide to deposit your first amount in your new account. They have daily promotions as well, so you never know, there could be something new to look forward to on your next visit.

Tournaments are not apparent

It does not appear that Kaya Casino offers these events for players to participate in. It’s possible you might only get the occasional one, in which case there may not be a page dedicated to them. We suggest you remain alert for evidence of events like this occurring in future.

You won’t get to read about payouts issued to other casino players

The biggest winners are often highlighted at online casinos. However, this does not apply across the board and it does not apply to Kaya Casino. We could find no news relating to big prizes won by players at this site.

No sign of any rewards for players

Many casinos have some form of VIP program available, sometimes for all members and occasionally only for the most active members. We could find nothing relating to either of these at Kaya Casino.

Mobile gaming is never that far away at this casino

Kaya Casino is keen to offer a variety of ways for you to play their games. This includes a versatile mobile casino that is ideal for owners of Android and iOS devices. Other smartphones and tablets should also be able to access this version of the casino.

Will you need an app for this online casino?

No, nothing of this sort is provided. The casino is responsive and allows you to visit without requiring an app first.

Playing without registration at Kaya Casino – is this a possibility?

No, you must open an account with the site even if all you want to do is to play the demo versions of their games.

Will you try their instant play games?

Instant play relies on Flash to work. If you have this installed and enabled on your computer, you shouldn’t have any issues using the Kaya Casino website. We liked the appearance of the lobby in the Flash casino, with the menu appearing on the left. This leaves plenty of room to view the available games in the middle of the screen.

Could you consider becoming a casino affiliate?

Kaya Casino had no information about affiliate possibilities, so we guess this isn’t a thing.

Casino bookie? Not at Kaya Casino

No, this isn’t evident here.

Sports betting isn’t available either

This is a casino, pure and simple, and therefore wagering on sporting events isn’t something you can do at this casino.

Casino blogs or forums could give you more information

Learning more about any casino prior to signing up is a good move. It’s why we write reviews such as this one, to help people like you figure out the best site to sign up to. You can certainly make the most of learning what other people think of this casino. The information will aid you in deciding whether this is your ideal casino as well.

Does Kaya Casino offer a live dealer casino?

This is not part of the experience at this site.

Access the banking page to learn more about the deposit methods

You can use several methods to add funds to your account once you have opened it. You should review all the methods on the banking page. This will reveal whether certain methods are available to you, as some are limited by country. Most methods are good for all members to access though.

Will you be able to cash out easily?

You should not have any problems doing this, but we do recommend you read all the banking information and withdrawal details once you have logged in. It is best to do this early, before you even have the need to withdraw anything.

Members of the casino can use Bitcoin too

There isn’t much information on this, other than the suggestion to contact the team if you would like to make a Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal.

Casino help comes in live chat form for members

We say members because you must enter your account information for the chat feature to work. So, if you are thinking about signing up but you have a query you’d like an answer to first, you should use the contact form on the contact page at Kaya Casino.