Top Rated Casinos

Top rated casino are not judged just on the games that you can find there although this is one of the most important factors, in addition, you need to look at all of the back up and supporting services.

Casino Bonuses

Many casinos offer similar games and similar types of games but what makes one casino stand out more than all the others is of course the extras that you get. Here the bonuses and types that there are, are very important. Whether you are looking at the first initial sign up bonus and if it has strings attached to it, in other words you can only get the $100 offered if you deposit and play $200 Or whether it is an unconditional bonus, for example a free hours play with $250 to start and anything that is left at the end is yours. But the bonuses are only a small part of the overall extras to look out.

Check Online Support before Opening the Account

Service for any consumer is important and service at a casino is no less important. Not only do you want to know that you are at a casino that supports you and to a certain extent holds your hand all the way through the game process but you need to know that there is someone there for you for technical problems as well. A 24 hour 7 day a week customer service whether by phone or live chat is part of this service and something that definitely contributes to a top casino.

Fair Gaming

Licensing is a major factor for all legal casinos, not only does the license need to be up to date and of course from the right location but a good online casino will also have certificate of approvals from leading gambling associations that not only check the actual validity of the casino but also the fair payout of the games. These fair gaming associations give their stamp of approval to casinos which qualify and meet their high standards.

Apart from welcome bonuses that casinos give out there are ongoing bonuses which a player can benefit from. Loyalty clubs are just a small part of the different bonuses that casinos offer. There are also weekly and monthly bonuses that you can look out for and even free entries into tournaments with free cash prizes. The level of software that a casino uses in another important factor when judging if it is a top rated casino or not. More often than not, the best judge of good casino software is the actual comments that real players have given and not necessarily the advertising that surrounds it.

If you do choose the right casino then you will end up with a fantastic array of games, bonus offers, and support and of course chances to win. Choosing the right casino is often not as easy as it seems so spend some time reading up about the casinos, viewing the different games and even trying them out with the play for fun mode before you commit. And don't worry if you are not happy, you can always change to another casino.