Prima Play Casino

… but were afraid to ask! Well, perhaps not afraid, but it sure would be nice to learn the facts about Prima Play before you consider whether to join other players who play the available games there. You can count on our review to provide you with all the information you need on this matter. Are you prepared to start reading? Settle in with a coffee and get ready for the facts about this casino.

Can you join in if you are from the USA or Canada, or from Australia or Europe instead?

The answer depends on which of those regions or countries you live in. For instance, the terms and conditions do not include the USA, Canada, or Australia on the list of countries that cannot sign up to this casino. The picture is not as clear for those living in Europe. However, you can find out whether your country is allowed as a member by reviewing the information they provide you with. Some are welcome to join whereas other Europeans may find they cannot do so. Check in advance of trying to sign up to make sure you don't suffer any issues.

Who provides the software this casino runs on?

None other than one of the biggest names of all… Real Time Gaming. Their logo appears on the home page, so it is not exactly a secret. However, you can check out their games by looking further into what the casino offers. We will be helping you do just that right now.

This casino doesn't hide its games

No - it presents them on the home page, but you can also select the games area in the menu. Either way, you can find out how easy it is to view the featured games on offer at Prima Play Casino. You will find plenty of slots there of course, but on top of those are the video poker and table games you might also have expected.

How many casino slots would you like to choose from?

You've got well over 100 at Prima Play Casino, for sure. There are lots to choose from, with older classics sitting neatly alongside the latest releases. RTG is home to many fine titles most players will be familiar with too, with some famous titles included at Prima Play if you like the idea of checking some out there.

Are free-play games available at this casino?

You can opt to go for some demos if you are signed in, but non-members cannot access these games. That means you will only have the best experience here if you are able to join as a member. Otherwise… there is nothing at this casino for you.

Playing some paid games at Prima Play

This casino also offers the thrill of playing real casino games, just as you would expect it to. The casino has lots of great features to dive into, and its wide-ranging games are a big part of that. You can switch to real play whenever you want to, if you have a budget in place and the cash in your account to make this happen.

New slots appear inside the new game area

There isn't a separate section where only the new slot games appear. That said, the new games are mostly slots anyway, with the occasional other casino game thrown in for good measure. So, if you want to discover the latest releases from RTG, you now know where to look to find them.

Does this casino have any pleasing promotions to look for?

It does - and if you are intending to sign up, you will be pleased with the two potential deals you could claim here. Firstly, you have a deal relating to casino games available on the site. If you would rather play slots, the deal amounts to a 300% boost on top if your deposit amount when you first sign up.

No tournaments are noted here

Our visit did not produce any evidence of tournaments taking place at Prima Play.

Are there announcements regarding casino payouts to members?

No, the casino has decided not to present you with news of the latest wins by other players. That's a shame, as we like to hear of these successes.

Are there any rewards to be claimed?

We couldn't find anything relating to VIP status at Prima Play Casino. However, we did manage to locate information about Daily Rewards. This sounds intriguing, and it turns out each day could well be a good day. If you want to try for some free chips or maybe a few slot-related bonuses, this page will tell you more about the current deals that are available.

Try playing some mobile games if you visit their casino on a mobile device

Android, Windows, iOS… we all know the names relating to various mobile devices around today. If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, you won't have any trouble getting to the Prima Play mobile casino. This provides you with yet another way to play the games at their site if you cannot access your desktop computer to play them there.

Don't worry about looking for a casino app

The casino has not provided an app for use with their casino. All you need to do is to visit the URL for the casino and you are ready to go - regardless of what device you are on.

Playing without registration cannot be done at Prima Play

Some casinos allow easy access to their games in demo mode with no registration required. That's not true of Prima Play though. Only members with an account and who are logged in can play.

Do they offer instant play?

Yes, their Flash casino is certainly worth looking at if you prefer playing your casino games in this manner. They also offer you the chance to enjoy a downloadable version of their casino software if you would rather go for the complete experience. In our opinion, you won't miss out on much if you decide to go for the Flash casino instead. For many players, this proves to be the most convenient and simplest way to get involved.

Would you consider being a casino affiliate?

If you have a website that covers various online gaming and casino topics, you might want to learn more about this. You can become an affiliate and promote Prima Play Casino simply by signing up to the program run by Income Network. If you look at the bottom of the casino site, you will see a link to the affiliate program there. This opens the network site in a new page, so you can return to the original casino site whenever you wish.

They do not provide you with a casino bookie

Anyone wishing to use bookie services will need to look elsewhere.

You won't find yourself betting on sporting events here either

This is not an all-round site in this respect. Prima Play Casino sticks to offering casino games rather than delving into sports betting as well.

Blogs and forums may contain more information about this casino

If you like to read more about a casino prior to signing up, researching the experiences of others can be a worthwhile activity. Very often, you can read about other people and the experiences they have had with a casino by accessing blogs and forums connected to online gaming. A quick search engine foray should help you in this respect.

There are no live dealer games at Prima Play

While these games are popular among a segment of those playing at online casinos, they don't pop up at Prima Play.

Which of the available deposit methods will you opt for?

Only you can decide, but you will spot some logos for various deposit methods at the bottom of Prima Play Casino. There are e-wallets you might like to consider, along with credit cards if you want to take that route instead.

How simple is it to withdraw your cash from this casino?

If you play your favorite game and a prize or two drops into your lap, you will want to know how to cash out that money. Unfortunately, the main site at Prima Play tells us very little - if anything at all - about withdrawing anything from it. Only members who are logged into their account will be able to read more about this process and how it works.

Is Bitcoin a banking possibility too?

We could not find a logo for this virtual currency alongside the other ones that are shown on the site. While they did once have a blog post available on the topic (we discovered that inside the site map), it appears the page is no longer there. We suspect Bitcoin is not an option here now, even if it once was.

What should you do if you need any help?

Prima Play Casino does have live chat available, so that should be the first place you go to. You could send an email too, since the email address is given in the appropriate place on the home page.