Bodog Live Dealer Casino

Live dealer casino games are taking the online casino industry by storm, with more and more players interested in spending their online gaming time with a live dealer within an interactive format. Live dealer casino games are hosted by live dealers, are extremely interactive in chat features, and offer in-game decisions and real-time results.

What Games Are Typically Suited For Live Dealer Casino

The games players will find most often in live dealer casino scenarios are casino table games with a fast flow. For instance, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker, are often games online casinos offer as live dealer options.

Live Dealer Blackjack Overview

Blackjack is one of the most popular games online casinos offer in live dealer formats. The fast paced action of the game itself allows the flow of the game to proceed nicely with a live dealer. It does go a bit slower in a live dealer format than it does when a player engages in a one-on-one blackjack game versus a computer. The entire reason it's a bit slower is because there can be up to seven players at each table and all of them are human. Most bets at live dealer blackjack table begin at $5, which is a bit larger than single player tables. However, paying a live dealer can be more expensive for the casino, which is why the extra cost is expected.

Live Dealer Baccarat Details

The version of baccarat often played at live dealer tables is the punto-banco version, which is much faster than the traditional version. Many live dealer baccarat games start betting at $5 or $10, which makes it a favorite of high rollers. The rules of this game are a bit complex, however players often play it and enjoy their time without being experts at the game.

Live Dealer Roulette Details

For players looking for much smaller minimum betting within a live dealer format, roulette is a great option. Since there are many players engaged in the game at one time, the betting minimums can be kept smaller. Often players will notice the double zero US wheel is used in these live games, which comes with a slightly larger edge to the house, so be aware of that.

Live Dealer Casino Poker Details

Those players who love Texas Hold'em poker will enjoy this variant that includes a flop, turn, and a river. The player plays this game against the house, so the other players have no effect on others' outcomes. Most often players can enjoy a live dealer version of this game for a minimum bet of $5.

Does Each Casino Have Their Own Live Casino Software?

Typically a casino doesn't have their own live casino software. Therefore, several casinos can use the same provider for live dealer games, which is why multiple casino's live dealer screens will be identical in format. Software groups like MicroGaming, BetSoft, and PlayTech will instead power the live dealer portions of each online casino's site.

How To Find The Best Live Dealer Casino

There are several factors a player should consider when on the hunt for the best live dealer casino to utilize. Software and game offerings are likely at the top of the list. If a casino doesn't offer the games you prefer or the software maker you like the best, you may want to continue your search.

In addition, researching a casino's reputation can be very helpful when choosing where to spend your time and money. A casino with a good five year track record can typically be trusted as being secure.

Many players are drawn toward massive welcome bonuses, which are fantastic. However, the casino itself must be appealing to the player, as well. After all, the welcome bonus is typically only a one time perk and the player will then be left with a casino they need to enjoy from that point out.