1 Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino

Millions of people around the world like to spend their online gaming time playing online video poker, like 1 Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino. Some players simple like the game itself, while other players enjoy the fact that video poker online has a low house edge. Online video poker can be quite thrilling, without the added pressure of playing within a group, like other online casino table games require. The format of online video poker is much like a slot game, however slot games have a much higher house edge. Whether a player is new to online casino gaming or is an experienced player, it's very easy to catch on to the rules and format of 1 Hand Joker Poker at Café Casino.

Why Is It Called 1 Hand Joker Poker: Café Casino Online Poker

Video poker games come most often in four different varieties. Players can choose from 1 hand poker, 3 hand poker, 10 hand poker, and 52 hand poker. Those who aren't well versed in online poker should certainly start with 1 hand poker. As they get more experienced and begin to crave more, they can play more than one hand at a time, if they wish.

Winning Cards In 1 Hand Joker Poker At Café Casino

In 1 Hand Joker Poker at Café Casino there are 12 winning hands that are based on standard poker hands. In this particular type of online poker, the Joker acts as the game's wild card. If a player places a 5 coin bet, they can win with two pair (5 coin prize), 3 of a kind (10 coin prize), a straight (15 coin prize), a flush (25 coin prize), a full house (30 coin prize), a 4 of a kind (100 coin prize), a straight flush (250 coin prize), a royal flush with a Joker (400 coin prize), 5 of a kind (750 coin prize), a royal flush (4,000 coin prize), or a sequential royal (20,000 coin prize).

How To Place A Wager In 1 Hand Joker Poker At Café Casino

Before any cards are dealt, a player must decide how much they'd like to wager. With 1 Hand Joker Poker at Café Casino, they can choose amongst coin sizes of $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, or $5.00 per coin. After that is decided, the player can choose if they want to wager between 1 and 5 coins per round. Basically, a round can cost a player between $0.25 and $25, depending on what they wager. If a player wants a chance to win the big prize that comes with the sequential royal, they must wager 5 coins in order to be eligible for the 20,000 coin jackpot.

After the coin size is determined, the player can hit "Bet One" one time if they want to bet one coin. They can hit it twice to bet two coins and so on, with five coins being the maximum coin limit for each round. If a player already knows they'd like to bet five coins, they can simply hit "Bet Max" and it will automatically bet the five coins they wish to bet.

Basic Game Play: 1 Hand Joker Poker At Café Casino

After the coin number is selected, five cards will be shown on the screen. From those five cards shown, the player gets to select which cards they'd like to hold by clicking "Draw". It is quite simple to follow, actually.

If a hand is a winning hand, the player will then get the opportunity to "Double or Nothing". This is a basic showdown of sorts with the dealer, who will get a face up card during this bonus feature. Four cards are then placed in front of the player, faced down. The player chooses one of the unrevealed cards and if the player's card is higher than the dealer's shown card, the payout that was won is automatically doubled. However, if the player's card is lower than the dealer's shown card, the player loses the entire payout.