5Dimes Bet Tracker App

The 5Dimes Casino betting arena is one of the most popular and respected arenas in the world. They are known for providing incredible wagering opportunities to their players. Recently they’ve taken their player perks even farther and are now offering the BetTracker App to help players manage their bets in one simple location via their mobile device. Players can track their 5Dimes bets, win probabilities on their bets, see live scores, see real-time odds, and do all of this in a safe and private app.

How To Get The BetTracker App From 5Dimes

The BetTracker App can be downloaded to any iOS or Android mobile device. The app allows players to pair their 5Dimes account with the app, which gives them the chance to see their current bets under the “My Action” tab. They will then be able to see real-time scores, betting stats, picks, and probabilities. They can also see their straights, parlays, and teasers. Once the app is downloaded, the player will be asked to create an Action Network account. If this doesn’t appear and prompt the player, they can go to the “My Action” tab and find a link at the bottom right that will allow them to sync their sportsbook. The player needs to then click on 5Dimes to begin the process of syncing. Next, the app will take the player to the login page of 5Dimes where they will enter their information to confirm the syncing.

What Makes BetTracker Pro From 5Dimes So Worthwhile?

BetTracker Pro gives players real-time alerts for any big changes that may affect wagering. This can make a big difference when it comes to winning money on sports betting. Being up-to-date and in-the-know is extremely important and with this app players can ensure they’ll never miss a big opportunity. Bet types like spreads, moneylines, over/unders, parlays, and teasers are tracked with the app. The parlays and teasers are only available with the Pro membership, however. Other features the BetTracker app offers to those who download it include real-time wins and loss probabilities during the games, real-time exposure alerts, all sporting event schedules, player and game stats in real-time, and game odds history. It’s important to note that you can’t place bets from the app, only see results and track wagers.

Is The BetTracker Account Permanent?

If at any time a player would like to unlink their account from their BetTracker app, they can do so by simply going to the app settings, Bet Sync page.