Bovada Casino Leaderboards

Bovada Casino offers players the chance to win additional prizes by directly competing against other players. The results are shown in the Bovada Casino leaderboards. Players who are interested in gaining a few extra perks may be interested in learning how the Bovada Casino leaderboards actually work.

Step One: Joining the Bovada Casino Leaderboards

The first step to getting into the Bovada Casino leaderboards is to join and sign up. To do this, players must go to the Casino Leaderboards page at Bovada Casino and view or join any upcoming events they'd like to participate within.

Step Two: Launch The Leaderboard Mode

The second step in participating in any Bovada Casino leaderboard activity is to launch the leaderboard mode. To do this, the player simply needs to select the launch button and that will open the game in the leaderboard mode. This happens only after the leaderboard is joined.

Step Three: Play, Play, Play!

The final step to learning how to use the Bovada Casino leaderboard to help win more prizes is to simply play. The leaderboard will automatically track the rank of the player as they play. It's important to be in leaderboard mode for the tracking to happen and be accurate. The player will then be awarded leaderboard points, in addition to the normal in-game wins. When a player earns enough points they will be eligible for additional prizes.

Prizes For Bovada Casino Leaderboard Play

Each leaderboard comes with its own unique prizes, so the prizes will vary depending on which one a player joins and participates within. Players can view the prizes for each leaderboard in the schedule listing for the event. In addition, the player can click on the "View Prizes" button after the event has started in order to be reminded of the prizes at stake.

Additional Conditions Of The Bovada Casino Leaderboard

One thing to remember is that each of the Bovada Casino leaderboard events has different conditions that must be met. Some of the slot game leaderboards will require each player make a minimum number of spins for that player to qualify. There is a "details" tab for each event that will show these specific conditions and requirements.

Rankings On Bovada Casino Leaderboard

One of the most intriguing features of the Bovada Casino Leaderboard format is that the rankings are in real-time, during an event. Players can see how they're doing compared to others who are participating in the same event, without delay in reporting times. The final rankings are always available on the Bovada Casino Leaderboard page for a day after the event has ended.