Bodog 94 Club

At the top casinos in the world, if you show your loyalty through deposits and wagers, you'll be rewarded. The same is true at Bodog Casino, which offers players invitation to this exclusive club when they've met certain landmarks of loyalty. While Bodog won't disclose exactly what those landmarks are, it's widely accepted that making enough deposits and wagers will help players get closer to gaining membership and the fabulous perks that come with it. Players who are fortunate enough to gain membership to Bodog 94 Club get access to some of the best benefits the online casino industry has to offer. Benefits like fewer banking fees, faster bonuses, larger bonuses, and an exclusive customer support team, are only a few things members of Bodog 94 Club get to enjoy.

One of the most exciting benefits of being a member of the Bodog 94 Club is the grand prizes players can be awarded. Some of the prizes in the past have been tickets to the Super Bowl or trips to all expenses paid exotic resorts.

The members of the Bodog 94 Club also get the great reward of waived withdrawal fees. It can be very frustrating to pay fees on payouts won by a player, so this is a perk many 94 Club member really enjoy. Players who are exclusive club members can also take advantage of weekly 100% reload match bonuses of up to $1000 per week. Bodog is already known for giving all players incredible cash rewards and promotions, but Bodog 94 Club members get doubled rewards.

Bodog famously has one of the best customer support teams, with very few members having complaints about the level of service they receive when they need help or assistance. However, Bodog 94 Club members have a separate customer support team. This allows the wait time for any member need to be almost non-existent.

While it's certainly possible to have a very enjoyable experience without being an exclusive member, those who are invited to be in the Bodog 94 Club certainly experience the casino lifestyle a step above the rest. This is why so many players anxiously await their invitation and are ecstatic when it finally arrives. The best thing players can do is continue to make regular deposits and wagers, gaining more and more comp points into their account.