DJ Moo Cow Slots

A ritzy and hop-hop themed surefire winner, DJ Moo Cow slots is thumping away at Bovada Casino with as much flair as it is fun. Present day party music never lets this 5 reel, 25 payline video slot allow you to lose sight of the goal - which is to have fun while stacking your chips. If you're a lover of slots, there's little reason not to go ahead and download now; it's a Real Time Gaming (RTG) addition to the current crop of video slots available to US players.

Gold Records and Just Plain Gold

You'll be amused by the enviable DJ Moo Cow himself, a well-known hip hop DJ on the turntables supported by his crew of zany manimals; or animals that act like humans. With a clever play on the phrase "cash cow"; you'll be looking to the DJ and his merry band to keep you spinnin' and winnin' on the reels, using the games generous Scatters, Free spins and Multipliers. The backdrop of lights and explosion of nightclub colors will keep you feeling charged and ready to play, paying attention to the animal symbols and card suites that may very well define your coming fortune in this progressive jackpot video slot.

DJ Moo Cow Slots Symbols and Play

This slot game spares no expense to stay competitive with the newer video slots and their often generous takes. For starters, all of your bets in DJ Moo Cow are hit with multipliers automatically and there are a full 3 Scatters on any of the odd reels that cause the Spin Feature to kick in; when this happens, DJ Moo Cows famous double turntables take over the screen, with not only the free spins you've garnered kicking in, but also the fore-mentioned multipliers paying out after you stop the blurring records. Your free spins will keep coming into play for as long as your tally remains greater than zero with the re-trigger feature. And who knows; even after all that, you still may rack up even more free spins and multipliers with DJ Moo Cow slots generosity.

As for the Scatter symbols, they appear on multiple reels and rake in the cash in any direction; whether left-to-right or vice versa. Anytime you rack up wins with the Scatter, these specific victories are multiplied by the total value of your bet for even more winnings. Download now to experience all this and more from DJ Moo Cow slots!

In DJ Moo Cow slots, there is also a Wild Symbol available, which will replace any other generic symbol with the exception of the powerful Scatter. This Wild automatically increases your winnings by a factor of two, and leans toward the higher value when more than one Wild spins up on the reels.

DJ Moo Cow Extras

DJ Moo Cow slots ups the ante with a unique take on the progressive jackpot theme many slots have: instead of the entire game being a progressive jackpot type, this option only shows up as an added bonus to your normal winnings, showing up on each spin. Just think about winning not only the stated jackpot from the outset, but also the Random Progressive that is usually reserved for the higher wager bracket!. There's also an Autoplay feature which likens the video slot to a passive game of roulette, and will only stop - the spins themselves kick in at the final bet of the current game - when you run out of coins to bet or click the onscreen stop button. Betting can be as low as a single cent per line, or up to $5 per line - and there are 25 active lines. This just-released video slot is just waiting to be played, and you can download now at Bovada Casino for a thumping night of hip hop fun.