It Came From Venus Slots

Sure some virtual slot games like to stick with the basics, while others like incorporate some fun new concepts, but there are a select few that overstep the genre all together to create a truly new game style that brings next generation graphics to a classic game; It Came from Venus happens to be one of those games. The game is your typical slot game, but with an exciting back story and jaw-dropping 3D graphics that provide a brilliant setting and overall theme. Betsoft has truly created an interactive masterpiece of a 3D slot game. From the second the game loads, a cut scene is shown of a farmer who witnesses a meteor or something of the sorts crashing onto this property; from the confines of its crater arises a Venus Fly Trap, it must have come from Venus! Built upon an intriguing 5 reel 30 pay line format, this game possesses plenty of possibilities to win big, while still providing fun and interactive game play.

Random Wilds

Wilds in It Came From Venus are very generous. Randomly occurring throughout the game play with various prize amount multipliers at 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x. Collapsing Wilds- If a player reaches the bonus round and can spin more wild symbols, a special event known in this game as collapsing wilds may occur. By spinning wilds across the bottom boxes the column may collapse leading to further winnings.

Bonus Round and Sticky Wins

A special Feed Me bonus round is available once a player spins three food stack symbols across the reels. Once the symbols have spun, the player will enter a free spins round that comes coupled with a sticky wilds feature allowing monumental winnings with very little luck. The alien plant symbol is a special symbol that can provide the player up to a 500x pay line bet payout. At a max bet of $5 per pay line (and in free spins mode) the player could walk away with a jackpot of $12,500 from one extraterrestrial symbol!

We're Not Alone

Aliens are among us; and for the player a stroke of luck with a little bit of help from Venus can change everything. Betsoft's It Came from Venus, is one of the most amazing slot games in the emerging 3D genre. With truly interactive and enticing game play and graphics packaged alongside a tight slot game, players will be drawn deep into mystery of strange plant creature. With each spin of the reels the possibilities for jackpot come a step closer and the truth behind the Venus monster grow more and more clear. Will you take your chances and retrieve your jackpot from Venus?