Bovada Rewards

If you're looking for just one more reason to check out Bovada Casino, we've got a good one for you right here. Bovada Rewards is the name of the reward program that gives you a chance to earn points every time you play their games. But that is just the beginning. There is far more to appreciate too - things you might end up loving if you sign up to this casino.

For example, the casino is offering players cashback on their losses. Yep, that's right - if you lose you still manage to get something! Sounds great to us. You can also redeem the points you have earned for cash once you get enough to do so.

Different point quantities are on offer for each type of game you play. So, with video poker you can earn a point for every dollar you wager. Slot games earn five times as much. And if you dip into racebook exotics or multiples, there are 60 points on offer for every dollar you wager.

Another great thing about Bovada Rewards is its tiered structure. If you think you will drop back a tier if you don't play for a while, think again. Each tier you attain is protected, so you won't need to worry about losing out on any benefits you just managed to gain.

There are many reasons to check out the new Bovada Rewards program. It seems like it is another superb reason to sign up to this casino, wouldn't you say?