Slots Galore Casino Promotions

The world today has become a fast and stressful place. Gambling and online betting are certainly amongst the preferred methods of entertainment these days. There are a number of online betting and gambling sites for people who do not want to visit casinos, but want the same level of excitement and fun online. Online casinos are mushrooming; however, there are very few online casinos which provide good wholesome entertainment and where gambling is kept clean and with an element of fun.

One of the most well known online casinos is the Slots Galore online casino. The Slots Galore is an online casino which has a number of casino games and slot games that can be played by everyone. Slots Galore requires no fee to register and one thing that works hugely in its favor is the fact that they are always coming up with a number of new Promotions and new Offers. These offers provide users with a chance to try something new and win some good money. Also you can find several rewards such as Free Chips up to $25 dollars and Special Tournaments with grand jackpots. Recently there was one tournament with a free entry fee upon sign-up that had a twenty five thousand dollar jackpot.

New Early Bird scheme

Another promotional activity launched by Slots Galore is the new Early Bird scheme. Under this scheme, users who sign up for the website at the earliest possible opportunity are rewarded with a whopping 200% bonus on the amount of their first deposit. The drill is quite simple: Slots Galore defines a set period where new comers can take advantage of the Early Bird rewards. This promotion is especially great for people who gamble and play slots regularly, as this bonus increases their chances of taking in some great winnings.

25,000 dollar Tournament upon Sign-up!

Make sure you take advantage of the current exclusive entry into the 25,000 dollar slots tournament. This tournament is designed for users who sign up on Slots Galore. They get an automatic entry into this amazing tournament. As soon as a user makes his first deposit, he is eligible for the bonus and also gets invited for this super tournament, The tournament involves all the popular slot games and also a number of unique and highly innovative games, which are sure to interest and amuse users.

Slots Galore makes sure that every user account is unmatched and all the promotional offers are sent from registered and controlled Slots Galore servers. This website is one of the very few online casino sites that have a great range of constant promotional offers and propositions at all times. Another great highlight is that it has a VIP plan, which is one really unique feature of the website and this program allows each and every member a chance to be a part of this program.

Slots Galore Casino VIP Reward Program

The VIP plan is a program that has been modeled using reward plans, similar to the biggest casinos in Las Vegas as a model. The VIP plan available on Slots Galore can also be termed as a loyalty bonus or a loyalty reward. The players are rewarded for their allegiance through points, which can be later redeemed for either cash or for amazing merchandise. A close watch is kept on the points of member players.

The software that calculates points and the related servers are constantly updated and the latest results are put up with fast and accurate efficiency.

The basic requirement for an entry into the VIP plan is the existence of an operational account on Slots Galore. The account must show sufficient activity and should be an account which is termed as a real money account in casino parlance. Once this requirement is fulfilled, users become members of the VIP plan and can begin reaping the benefits of this splendid plan. The members have the chance of earning points with each casino and slots game that they play. The points collected by each member are totaled and then the member is allowed to exchange them for cash or for exciting merchandise available on the website and also on the partner sites of Slots Galore.

In addition to exchanging points for cash and merchandise, users are also offered the chance to participate in fantastic sweepstakes where prizes like holidays in exotic holiday resorts and entire home theatre systems are offered. Points won by a user in one day can also be redeemed for appropriate and corresponding amounts of cash or relevant merchandise.

Great Tournaments at all times!

Slots Galore also has a very packed calendar of tournaments that are run throughout the year and multiple times during a single day. Most of these tournaments are by invitation and invitations are offered as part of promotional campaigns. Most of the tournaments offer fantastic prizes. Prize amounts can go as far as twenty thousand dollars for games like poker, blackjack and various slot games

With such a competitive Reward system, Tournaments at all times and Sign-up Bonus Slots Galore is sure to provide a lot of great benefits for you to get started.