Spider Man Revelations Slots

The Spider Man Revelations slot game is a game provided by the Cryptologic software, which is made out of five (5) reels and 25 pay lines. Unfortunately for players from the United States, Cryptologic games and casinos are not available to them, so they will not be able to play the game for real money, but they can at least try it out for fun if they wish. Join and play at Spider Man Revelations Slots.

As you can imagine, the game’s theme is that of the comic hero, Spider man, which comes with amazing graphics for a slot game and for the bonus game specifically. However, the game and the spins seem somewhat slow, which could be a cause of the higher graphic quality – nevertheless, you can adjust the speed, which is a nice detail to it.

The symbols within the game include: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, Doctor Octopus, A Subway Car, A Safe (locker), a red/black spider, Spider man, and the Spider Man revelations logo. From these, the Spider Man icon is the Wild symbol, which means it will help you substitute other icons in order to make a winning combination, with the exception of the scatter symbol. By getting a winning combination with the Wild symbol, you will be able to double your winnings, so instead of winning say 1,000 coins for five (5) of the same icon, you would be getting 2,000 coins by completing that combination with the Spider Man Wild icon. The Spider Man revelations logo in this case, is the scatter symbol, and with it you will be able to multiply your winnings by the total amount bet.

Bonus and Bets

As for the feature bonus game called the Doctor Octopus feature, it is activated by getting three (3), four (4) or five (5) scatters symbols. The game shows Doctor Octopus on top of a train, throwing passenger to spider man –you-. When the passenger is thrown, the player can either ‘accept’ it, or ‘try again’. By accepting the passenger, you will be accepting the free spins and multiplier displays as your bonus prize… if you however choose to try again, then Doctor Octopus will throw another passenger with another free spins and multiplier value displayed as a prize. Either way, the player is caught and put to safety.

You can reject up to two (2) times out of a total three throws. You can also re-activate the bonus game during the free spins, but you will simply be awarded the same amount of free spins and multiplier value as your previous prize won.

The coin sizes go from $0.01 to $5, with the max bet per line of one (1) coin, and a total value of $125. The jackpot of course is achieved by the highest bet possible with the most lines bet on as possible, to a nice 5,000 coins, followed by a second jackpot of 2,000 coins…

Slot Tips

Nothing better than get in the Spider Man phase and game with some action on the slots – however, like all entertainments, it is best when you can get the most out of it in terms of duration (that is, if you are looking for enjoyment more than winnings). With that said, you should consider playing lower stake bets and coin sizes in order to prolong your game and experience with the comic action hero, Spider Man… otherwise, go for the jackpots, but remember that the game might go by faster due to the higher stakes bet, and hence, the sooner your budget could go dry-out.

Enough theory though; when it comes to action and rush, there is nothing better than to join your heroes and action figures, so Play Spider Man Revelations now!