Globe Trotting Slots

Globe Trotting Slots
Globe Trotting is a video slot game designed for people who love to travel ... or who like to win huge pots of cash. It's a sophisticated slot for gambling connoisseurs - it has a nice, upmarket look and very smooth gameplay. Featurewise, it's crammed to capacity. It's got Scatters for instant wins, Wild symbols for increasing your chances of winning, and two completely different bonus games for extra cash along the way. To top it off, it has a top jackpot prize of $120,000! Win on Globe Trotting Slots, and you could soon be jetting around the globe yourself on the holiday of a lifetime.

Working Out Your Winning Itinerary

Although this game has five reels, it has many simularities to the classic 3 reel slots of ages past - and it still considers a 3-symbol combo as a win. It's just that you can now also make more valuable 5-symbol wins. The first thing to do is decide how much you'll be betting when you play. The game lets you set the value of each virtual "coin" between 5c and $10. Besides the traditional center line, there are 8 additional pay lines that you can play for extra chances to win. Each pay line costs a single coin bet, and the more you add, the bigger the chance that you'll hit something when you spin.

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

In keeping with the visual style, every symbol used in the game is either a method of travel or an activity that you can do on holiday. The bottom of the pay table starts with a Sailing Ship, and proceeds to Skiing. Next comes a Bathing Beauty, and a Beach Umbrella. After this, the serious winnings begin. The Train clocks in at 300 coins, the Suitcase at 400, the Camera at 750, and the Airplane at a whopping 3,000. Hit the Eiffel Tower combo, and you're looking at the top prize of 12,000 coins - worth $120,000 at maximum bet.

Global Travel, Global Bonuses

If you manage to land the Scatter on Reels 1 and 5 simultaneously, this launches the Frequent Flyer bonus game, where you pick flights heading out across the world. The further they travel, the more points you earn, which turn into multipliers for your bonus prize. If you land three Bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4, this launches the Jet Set bonus game where you try to pick flights heading to luxurious destinations. The more glamorous the destination, the more extra cash you win!