Cops and Robbers Slots

Play at Cops and Robbers Slots, this is a remake of the much loved, classic version by the same name. While the classic Cops and Robbers slots game, the new version looks and plays more like a classic slot that has a UK pub fruit machine format. Cops and Robbers is a five reel, twenty pay line slot that is easy to play and to understand. This makes Cops and Robbers slots excellent for those who are new to the world of online slots. Cops and Robbers Slots allows you to play for fun so that you can practice the game and become comfortable and familiar with it before placing an actual cash wager.

Realistic Cartoon Graphics Enhance Game Play

The graphics and sound of Cops and Robbers Slots are superb. The graphics show various cops and robbers in different poses and scenarios, bags of loot, and an arresting (pun intended!) game logo that spells out Cops and Robbers, using a pair of handcuffs to form the two letter Os. Reel symbols for Cops and Robbers Slots include Robbers, Handcuffs, Police Helmets, a Siren, Swag Bags, Watermelon, Lemon, Cherries, double and single Gold Bars, and a red Lucky 7.

The Nudge Feature Equals Extra Fun

Cops and Robbers Slots also has a Nudge feature, which allows players to move up a spot on the reels. There is also a Hold feature in this game, which lets players keep anywhere from one to three reels in order to hold on to paylines that may be winners. Cops and Robbers Slots features an interactive play board that can be very exciting for slots players. The board is triggered when three of the Swag Bags pop up on its one payline. There are thirty-six spaces on the board that can either give or take away game credits.

What It's All About

The theme of the game is, of course, Cops and Robbers. Players morph into a fugitive who is on the run from the police, and can outfox them by taking advantage of the good luck and skill features that are on the interactive play board, such as Fair Cop, Doing Time, and Costa del Cash. Once the police have caught you, the time on the interactive board is done.

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