Bovada Video Poker

Bovada is well known for its stellar poker room, but poker fans should be aware of their great collection of video poker games too! Though all forms of online poker are essentially in a video format, we differentiate between "table" poker and "video" poker in that the table version has human opponents, and video poker is against the computer, as you would play at a poker machine in Las Vegas.

Bovada has a huge collection of video poker games that will satisfy the most ardent of aficionados. In all, they offer seventeen variations on traditional video poker games ranging from the hardcore 7 Stud Poker to Double Double Jackpot Poker and Mystery Bonus Poker! Here are a few of the terrific poker variants that they have.

7 Stud Poker - The mother of all poker games, 7 card stud is pretty straightforward. Players are dealt 7 cards, two facing up, five down. Players then bet as each card is turned up or, alternatively, the player may opt to turn all cards up after a bet with the "deal all" option. To break even, a player must get 3 of a kind; all better hands are rewarded with a scale of winnings. Straights and better get the Double or Nothing Bonus Round - players guess whether the hole card is Big or Small. A correct prediction can double your winnings!

Aces and Eights - This is a draw poker variant where players play against a pay table. The difference on this one is that there is a special payout for hands of four eights, aces, or sevens - with those hands, the big pot may be won!

All American Poker - This is straightforward draw poker at its very best. Players play against a pay table and all hands of a pair of Jacks or better are rewarded.

Bonus Deuced Wild - Similar in look and style to All American Poker, this one offers extra wildcards in the form of the deuces of each suit. The low winning hand in this version is three-of-a-kind, but that is easy to get with all those wild deuces floating around.

Double Jackpot Poker - Yet another draw poker variation, Double Jackpot Poker has variant jackpots for four-of-a-kind hands of different index values. There are no wildcards in this one, but when players hit a four-of-a-kind, the rewards can be great.

Mystery Bonus Poker - This is an exotic combination of a video poker game and a slot game. Players are given the choice between building a hand in the traditional manner, or they may select the "Mystery Bonus" that spins the Mystery Bonus reel and offers different ways to win. This is a fun crossover game that fans of video poker and fans of slot games will all love.

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The pay tables are significantly different between the different games. So choose the game that you like the best, and get the cards falling in your direction tonight! This is an awesome way to spend a few fun-filled hours any night of the week.