EveryWhereMoney Casino

Although you may not notice an EveryWhereMoney Casino right off the bat, look again. Visa Electron and MasterCard prepaid and/or debit cards are accepted at most casinos, and EveryWhereMoney is the conduit that will enable you to load these cards and use them at any online casino that accepts Visa and MasterCard. Available in Belgium, England, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands; EveryWhereMoney is an online financial provider whose bank is Banque Invik SA based in Luxembourg.

How Does EveryWhereMoney Work?

When you apply for an EveryWhereMoney online account, you will receive a prepaid account in your own currency along with the payment card. You can load the card via bank transfer or with cash deposits. This card can then be used to fund your online casino account. For example, when you register at Betway Casino, they accept Visa Electron as well as MasterCard Debit cards. In fact, you can use the EveryWhereMoney card at any online casino that accepts Visa or MasterCard as a deposit method.

If you are an online player from abroad, the EveryWhereMoney account, accompanied by Visa Electron or MasterCard prepaid card, is available worldwide and gives you access to more than one million ATMs and over 25 million merchants. When you see Visa Electron or MasterCard prepaid or debit cards as a payment method at online casinos - think of EveryWhereMoney!