We are sorry to inform you that eWalletXpress is no longer a viable payment option for US players. We also wish to advise you that eWalletXpress has quit the US market and has begun the process of refunding monies to those online players who used this payment method. They say when one door closes, another opens. In this regard we have good news! US players now have two alternative funding options: the Prepaid Gift Card accepted at all Vegas Technology Casinos, and the MST Gift Card accepted at RTG Casinos. The MST Gift Card is an international prepaid card that can be purchased through MST Gift Card Casinos.


Ewalletxpress is not just another secure online payment method. Ewalletxpress is the answer to many peoples concerns when using online payment systems, it is secure, efficient, instant and has of course 24/7 customer support.

Stick With the Ewalletxpress Online Casinos

If you find a casino that uses Ewalletxpress, stick with it. Not only are you getting a fantastic casino with great games and customer support but you are able to use the best online payment system that there is today. Ewalletxpress is exactly as it sounds, it is a virtual wallet. Once you have opened an Ewalletxpress account you can choose to deposit your funds in any number of ways from direct bank transfers, credit cards or even cash deposits. Your funds are available instantly for a small fee or you can choose to wait the 5 days for immediate clearance. Initially, as part of the security of the Ewalletxpress system, you can only deposit up to $150 at a time until you receive validation at which point your limit is raised to $800. Nothing could be more simple or easier to use than the Ewalletxpress online payment system.

The US Friendly Ewalletxpress System

Ewalletxpress is of course a US friendly payment system and is used at many of the casinos accepting US players such as Bovada. Ewalletxpress converts USD to Canadian dollars to suit the casino that is being played at. With their leading choices of games, customer support, online help and even tips, Rushmore is a natural partner for Ewalletxpress and can be accessed directly from the casino banking section once you have downloaded the casino.

Ewalletxpress used and Promoted by Leading Software Providers

But Ewalletxpress is not limited to just US friendly casinos although this is a great advantages. The leading software provider Microgaming also offers Ewalletxpress at all of its main casinos, proving once again the integrity of the payment system. Whether you choose to play one of the progressive slots games or go for a challenging Roulette game at one of the Microgaming casinos, you can be sure that you have your reliable Ewalletxpress online wallet at your fingertips. Ewalletxpress provides real time access to all of your funds in addition to readily available statements online where you can track each and every transaction and casino purchase that you have made. This is a great advantage when playing at flash casinos; Ewalletxpress is not time consuming and provides the perfect fast and easy solution to playing at flash casinos. With just one click you can be in your favorite casino and one further click transfers money from your ewallet. Wherever you are in the world you can access your favorite flash casino and of course your Ewalletxpress account.

Special Offers from Ewalletxpress for Loyal Players

Real Time Gaming casinos more commonly known as RTG are another of the great software providers that encourage and support using Ewalletxpress. If you choose to play at great casinos such as Sun Palace and Las Vegas USA, you are making a wise and sensible decision. Not only are you getting some of the most up to date casino games including the infamous i-slots but you also have the use of Ewalletxpress at a casino where it is supported and encouraged. Look out for the special offers in conjunction with Ewalletxpress to encourage and reward loyal players. Your online wallet is the best and most sensible way to play whether you choose online Poker rooms or Slots casinos you know that you are getting a good deal especially with the casinos that accept US players using Ewalletxpress. Whether you choose to fund your Ewalletxpress wallet with Amex or via Pay pal, prepaid credit card or even cash, you know that it is secure, legal and of course going to the right place. Ewalletxpress is the smart, secure and trustworthy solution for US residents that want to play their favorite online casino games in their favorite casinos that accept US Players.