QuickTender is a Secure and Trusted Way to Play Casino Games and Poker Online

There are a number of different payment processors in the world today. With the downfall of the NETeller payment processor in North America, players in the United States of America that want to play at online casinos have been forced to look for alternative payment options. Well, one of the alternatives is Quick Tender or as seen on most online casino deposit pages -UseMyWallet - a secure and trusted payment method to fund online casino accounts.

Is QuickTender US Friendly?

Yes. One of the main things that QuickTender has going for it is that it happens to be US friendly. In other words, if you are a player from the United States, then you can actually use QuickTender to make payments to different online casinos. QuickTender has gained a lot of appeal for US players looking for an alternative payment method.

QuickTender is Widely Accepted

Many online gaming sites do indeed accept QuickTender. In fact, you will find UseMyWallet Logo on most US friendly casinos. If you don't see this logo, contact the online cashier at the casino and ask them about it.

Global Reach of Quick Tender

The global reach of QuickTender has been consistent over the last decade. You can make local payments from anywhere around the globe, and that is enough to make a lot of online players very happy.

Service and Security

QuickTender provides the highest levels of internet security and privacy. With QuickTender, you can reduce costs and limit risk. QuickTender utilizes sophisticated fraud detection and ID verification systems; it is a highly flexible state of the art payment platform. It is easy to use, cost effective, convenient, instantaneous, and widely accepted.