1 Arm Bandit Slots

One of Microgaming’s first slots it has moved into the realm of state of the art technology along with the new software versions that Microgaming has released in the last couple of years. The One Arm Bandit will stop your coach with the bullet style bar symbols. It is a combination of the highway robbery theme and the old one armed bandit slots where a pull of the arm spun the reels. These were traditionally simple slots, easy to play, easy to understand. And this one is no different.

Take the cash and run

A very basic slot, the 1 Arm Bandit has 3 reels, 3 paylines and a max payout 4000 coins. On a max coin size you can win $20 000. Each coin activates one payline. So the maximum number of coins is 3. The coin size varies from 25c to $5 so max bet is $15. The 3 paylines all run horizontally, middle, upper and lower. Betting all three coins is of utmost importance as the 4000 coins will only payout if the third payline is activated. Paylines are activated from one to three and not randomly.

Watch out for the cowboy, he will keep your winnings safe

The cowboy is the highest paying symbol. You need 3 of these on a payline. Your payout depends on which payline you find them. Payline 1 gets 1000 coins, payline 2 wins you 2000 coins and 3 cowboys on the third payline earns you the maximum payout of 4000 coins! The red sevens are the next most valuable symbols in the game. Since you can only get a maximum of 3 symbols per payline a full payline of 3 red sevens pays out 150 coins.

Played like a true expert

This game also has expert mode where you can auto-play and set it to spin a set amount of times and then to stop when the jackpot is won, on any win or even once the balance reaches a specified amount. Since this is such a simple game to play and understand it is great to set it to spin until the three cowboys come galloping in with the bounty

Don’t sit around waiting for the highway man...

With such a small investment and an outrageously large reward there is no time to waste, download and open an account today so you can claim the bandit’s loot.