Six Shot Showdown Slots

Unlike the other Sheriff and cowboy themed slots games such as Silver Star this new exclusive slots game to Bovada casino is made up of five lines and 243 ways to win. It is full of dark and sinister characters that are sought out by men of law, together with symbols of their trade from smoking guns to sheriff badges and dark villains in even darker suits. The minute a player clicks on to this game he will be struck by the clear images and excellent sound that accompanies each spin of the reels together with the very vivid graphics that tell a story. In addition to the bonus game there is also a random progressive jackpot that can strike at any time, the more players that join the game the greater the jackpot grows. Because of the random progressive jackpot players cannot play this game for fun but only for real money with bets ranging from $0.25 up to $100 per spin.

The Six Shot Bonus Showdown

The wild symbol is noted by the cowboy hat that can take the place of any of the other symbols to make up a winning line and thereby increasing winning chances. The scatter symbol which is denoted by the smoking gun is the key to the bonus game which takes place on a new screen. Three or more of the smoking gun symbols on the screen open the bonus shootout game where the player is invited to take shots at the villain of his choice. The villain is also shooting and the player needs to overcome the villain in order to move to the next stage of the game which is another villain. There are up to four villains to shoot at and the player has six chances for each villain but at any stage of the bonus game he can also be shot at and then is taken back to the main screen but with a consolation prize of a bonus payout. The more villains that the player manages to shoot the more he wins. At the end of the bonus game the main screen of Six Shot Showdown returns and the player can carry on with the base game until the next time he wins a bonus shoot out. With such an exciting bonus game to look forward to the base game is surprisingly not tedious and offers player's action packed fun and fortunes which compliment the exciting shoot out bonus game.