Freaky Wild West Slots

Freaky Wild West Slots
Every now and then a great slots game comes along that simply demands to be played. Freaky Wild West slots is one such game, and you can find and play it at Juicy Stakes Casino among other places online today. Take our advice and download and play it and see just how good it really is.

How many reels and paylines does it have?

This game has five reels and a massive thirty different paylines in use. As you can see this is a great one for giving you lots of chances to win with each spin.

What are the maximum and minimum bets you can use?

You can bet anything from five cents to five dollars per line for each spin. There are different increments in between the minimums and maximums as well, so you can expect to get a good variety in betting amounts if you want them.

What are the special symbols in play?

Watch out for all different kinds of symbols here. All the characters appear as animated villains, cowboys and various other dubious characters, and each one is worth a different amount if you line up enough of them to go for a win.

Freaky Wild West has three playing modes as well, and once you have unlocked a bonus game and played through it to win more cash, you can go ahead to choose a different game style. This could be Indians, Cowboys or Bandits.

Are there any bonus games to watch out for?

Yes this slots game has three bonus games, each one taking on a different theme. You can win a nice prize each time, so watch out for how the game is played and make the most of it.

Can you play for free as well as for real money?

Yes you can, and the Juicy Stakes Casino offers free practice play as well as the paid version. This alone is very entertaining and it gives you a chance to see how the game works and what to expect from the bonus games as well.

All in all the Freaky Wild West slots is a delight to play and has a very rounded and in depth gaming experience to look forward to. If you like to get a lot out of your games online, this one will soon reach the top of your favorite games, thanks to the depth it has to offer.