Horse racing has often been called the Sport of Kings! It is exciting, fast-paced and elegant and utterly addictive. Unfortunately many of us do not have quick access to tracks or to traditional off-track betting facilities, or, even if we do, we just don't like going to the track. This is where TwinSpires comes in, a great new way to engage in off-track betting safely and from the comfort of home.

TwinSpires Betting Tools

TwinSpires offers a huge and easy-to-use set of tools that make it super easy to use their site, keep track of your wagers, and make use of your horse-and-rider knowledge quickly and easily. These are the great tools in the tool-box that they give you:

Twin Spires Classic - This is the basic screen layout offering users quick access to all the information that they need to monitor up to five tracks at a time. This shows users tracks, wager amounts, bet types and more. Minimal clicks give users time for handicapping and strategy.

Twin Spires Express - This gives users same tools in a much more compact user pad, allowing for use on heavily utilized screens.

Twin Spires Pro - This is the quickest screen format that TwinSpires has to offer. It is a compact, single betting pane that presents all the wagering information that players need for super-fast bets and results.

Twin Spires TV - This is where the action is! It gives players a dashboard betting pad while also allowing them to view what is happening on the track! Like the Classic pad, payers can place bets on five races simultaneously. This mode requires a high band-width and benefits from a high quality monitor.

Twin Spires Mobile - Keep your racing addiction in your pocket! With Twin Spires Mobile you can have Twin Spires on your iPhone, iPad, or other tablet device. Real-time race information makes sure that you stay on top of your bets and get instant results.

Conditional Wagering - As you learn the horses, jockeys, morning line or not, and odds, you will be able to put the information to good use with the Conditional Wagering function. This allows you to place value-oriented bets ahead of time, and if the conditions are met, your bet goes in automatically. Awesome.

Wager Cancellation - We all make keystroke errors. Or just change our minds. At TwinSpires, that's OK! You have the option of cancelling our wager under certain conditions. Input errors or a horse that doesn't look as good as it did are not reasons to lose anymore.

Head to the Track Tonight!

We love the track. We love Thoroughbred Racing and Harness Racing too. TwinSpires brings it all to your computer screen. Make yourself a delicious beverage, settle into your gaming chair and play the ponies right now! No one makes it easier than TwinSpires.