Positive Results when Celebrities Endorse Mobile Apps

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As much as mobile apps take on a life of their own, they cannot do it without a little help. The best and most effective help available is the use of celebrity endorsements. It didn't take long for the online gaming world to discover this. The mobile casino apps are huge business and have gotten this was partially due to celebrity endorsements.

Online casinos have used celebrities like Paris Hilton, Verne Troyer, and many others. The casinos must be able to find a celebrity that matches its style, which can be tough since app stores are flooded with thousands of new apps every month, creating a do or die situation.

Mobile casinos try to dodge this by offering a huge number of products to meet the needs of everyone. One example of this is the live dealer functionality, which has been the most impressive thus far. By using a mix of RFID chips, webcams and specially designed software, it is now possible to connect with real live dealers to play games like blackjack or roulette.

So, these impressive apps are introduced to the masses via the celebrities, such as Paris Hilton and Troyer, to enjoy their own live streaming services.