Win a Million Dollars Slots

It’s true. You could win One Million dollars with just one spin at the maximum bet. This amazing offer is in a slot known as Win a Million Dollars. The games doesn’t skimp on the graphics either and some great bonus features which makes Win a Million Dollars Slots game easy and enjoyable to play, even if you don’t hit the million on your first spin.

Win a Million Dollars Slots has 5 reels and 5 paylines. Play for $0.01 or up to $5.00; but you must play the max bet to win the million. This game is straight forward and easy to understand with no complicated rules and the autoplay feature means you can let the game do the work for you. The reels don't’ spin like traditional Slot games, but each of the 15 visible symbols switch to their card back graphic image. The card then flips back around to show the symbol where the “reels” stopped.

Symbols to Know

Win a Million Dollars Slots has over 30 different winning combinations. The symbols to know are the Rich Gentleman, a Coin, the Dollar Sign, a Stack of Money, a Briefcase of Money, a Diamond, and a Safe. Win a Million Dollars features some excellent graphics and sounds. There aren’t Wilds or Scatters in this game, but there is a Bonus Briefcase Symbol which is the key to your One Million Dollars.

Win The Million

Get three of the Bonus Briefcase Symbols to activate the Bonus Round.When you activate the Briefcase Bonus Round you are whisked away to a second game screen. Here you pick one or more of the bags offered to you to see what the hidden bonus amounts are and to increase your winnings. This is where it is important that you’ve bet the maximum $5 credit bet on every payline. Because if you’ve bet the max, the five Bags of Money appear, and you win a $ 1 million jackpot. You win and are paid $250,000 immediately. Then every year for the next 15 years, you receive $50,000. It is a huge jackpot and worth every five dollars that you might put into Win a Million Dollars Slots machine.

With its unusual game play, bright graphics, simple game play and of course the chance to win One Million Dollars, Win a Million Dollars Slots is a game you must try.