Planet of the Apes Slots

You cannot fail to have heard of Planet of the Apes. This is a famous movie franchise that is derived from the original novel published in 1963. There have been many movies over the years, starting in the Seventies, and in recent years there have been another series of them. So, perhaps it is about time we had a slot game based on the franchise - and that is what we have here.

Planet of the Apes is released by NetEnt, which immediately gives us confidence this will be a slot to play for the long term. It has 10 reels - yes, 10 - and 40 paylines, and does this by using dual reels. Since the game is based around two films from the franchise, the reel sets focus on one of the films in each case. The Dawn reels take their inspiration from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, while the Rise reels focus on Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Makes sense, and it also makes for an engaging and thrilling gameplay experience.

Planet of the Apes slots also have numerous features designed to appeal to all players. There are wilds and scatters involved, of course, and there is a chance to get stacked wilds in the Rise area of play that will then be mirrored on the Dawn play segment. There is a dual reel feature which can appear at random, not to mention a separate bonus in each of the Rise and Dawn play segments. As you can see, Planet of the Apes looks set to be a popular game among fans of NetEnt titles and of slots in general. Will you be among its fans when you give it a try?