Donald Trump and Gambling in the USA

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As President Elect Donald Trump and his team prepares for his transition to the White House, many people are still digesting his stunning election victory. In addition to that, the Democrats failed to take majority ownership of the U.S. Senate and for that matter, the Republicans maintained their control of the House of Representatives. Not to be overlooked past the presidential election were several propositions that also were passed across the nation. Voters in Nevada and California voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. The state of California also saw proposition 63 get passed. Proposition 63 deals with issue of guns, with this proposition specifically banning the possession of guns that can handle large capacity magazines. In addition, this proposition also requires those who buy ammunition to pass a background check and must gain approval from the Department Of Justice to purchase bullets.

While the world was consumed with the 2016 presidential election, the state of New Jersey is putting to the vote whether or not to extend organized gambling in the state in an attempt to revitalize the economy. Atlantic City which has recently come on hard times due to their large closures of casinos could especially benefit from the casino revenue. Atlantic City at one time was home to many of Donald Trumps Casinos and resorts.