Pros and Cons of Online Gambling

You may think that gambling in casinos and gambling Online are much the same, but in fact they're worlds apart. There are undeniable advantages to both, but depending on what kind of person you are, how you like to handle your money and what your schedule is like, you may find Online gambling provides more convenience and enjoyment.


  • Deals: Online gambling is a multi billion dollar industry and there are thousands of sites all competing for customers. That means plenty of deals and promotions to choose from, so you get the most out of your money.
  • Convenience: Turn up at a casino in your dressing gown and slippers and the croupier is going to give you some pretty weird looks, yet nobody expects anything of you at an online casino other than to play the game. That doesn't mean there's nobody around to chat to though; poker rooms and other forms of online gambling often include a chat applet. Most importantly, you get peace from the crowds that swarm in casinos right at the time when you fancy a quiet game.
  • No Tipping: Just as there are fewer people lurking about in an online casino, there are far fewer staff, too. Each game is automated so there's no need for staff at all, which means no tipping on your half even if you felt like it! Imagine how much money that saves online gamblers each month.
  • Catered: Online gamblers often have a lot more choice than ones in an actual casino. If they need a quick break they can automate their next few goes rather than having to leave the game, and if someone on the table is annoying them, they simply disable the chat feature.
  • Fewer Overheads: Operating online only means paying for hosting fees and a domain, not an entire property with rent and bills to boot. This means online casinos can afford to give you a wider range of games to choose from, as well as higher payouts and, quite simply, better value for money.


  • Registering & Depositing: Online gambling sites require you to register and often make a deposit, even if you want to play with play money. This can be tedious and takes time, but once you're done it's usually plain sailing.
  • Slow Withdrawal: You may have to wait up to around five days to receive the money you've won, whereas in a real casino this transaction is usually instant. What you should remember, however, is that you're never vulnerable when gambling online (as long as the site you use is reputable) as the money goes straight to your bank account; you're never handed it in notes to then carry around.
  • Impersonality: If something happens to go wrong with a service you'll most likely want to speak to someone directly and get it sorted out ASAP. Often with online casinos this isn't possible and you'll have to talk to someone via chat, or via an automated telephone system. That doesn't mean to say, however, that the problem won't be sorted out.