Triple Flamin 7's Slots

Is seven your lucky number? Win big playing Triple Flamin' 7's slots. Lucky 7 is ready to reward you with up to 4,000 times your original wager. That's a lot of money waiting to fill your pockets.

The long popular Bally Slot game is now available online thanks to Wager Gaming Tech. The 3-reel classic slot is perfect for slot enthusiasts and beginners alike. There are no complicated paytables to follow or bonus games to understand; this is slot gaming dished up in classic style.

Enjoy classic slot sounds. There's nothing fancy or distracting here. Simply spin the reels, hear the click as they spin around and then the chime and clink of cash when you land a winning combination.

Place Your Bet on Your Terms

The online casino version of Triple Flamin' 7's slots provides you with more betting options than ever. Set your coin value. Coin values are plentiful and range from one cent to ten dollars. Next, choose if you want to bet one coin or max your bet by wagering two coins.

With a max bet, you're ready to win the highest prize tiers. If you're coin value is set to $10, a jackpot win nets you $40,000! Pretty impressive for a classic online slot.

The Seven's Have It

Any combination of sevens proves to be lucky. Sevens are all you'll find in this easy-to-play online slot. With a paytable right on your screen, it's hard not to quickly understand how much you're about to win.

The more you wager, the more you can win. All it takes is one flaming seven logo to win up to four coins. Get all three and you'll strike it rich.

Flaming seven logos are wild cards helping you to rapidly beef up your winning lines. Plus, get one on your payline and you receive a 3x multiplier. Lucky enough to land two of them? Enjoy the generous 9x multiplier.

The blue, white and gold sevens in Triple Flamin' 7's slots are equally worthwhile. Win 20 to 160 coins when you line up three in a row. Flaming sevens are worth 150 to 300 coins.