Fortune Cookie Slots

Fortune Cookie Slots is a combination of a classic type of slot machine with a few new twists and beefed up features. Microgaming has really been instrumental in updating classic slots while still keeping that "in the casino" feel to online gambling. This slot, based on an Asian theme, still includes all the traditional symbols, great graphics and bright colors and some outstanding winning combinations.

Tips For A Luck

On a three reel, one payline slot there is really only one thing that you can do wrong, and that is not play the maximum bet. On this game you can play only two coins with coin values between 0.25 and $5. If you play only one coin you are definitely going to walk away from the game hungry and wishing you had invested just one more coin if you hit the jackpot, which can be up to 1600 coins if you are playing two coins. Of course playing the max coin value also makes a huge difference on the winnings all the way down the paytable, making it a good investment if you want to have extra good luck.

Symbols of Luck

Not surprisingly the Fortune Cookie is the best symbol to see on the payline. This colorful and very delicious looking symbol comes complete with the game logo and name, so you really can't mistake it for anything else. The Fortune Cookie all across the three reels on the payline wins you the jackpot, but even all Fortune Cookies are also wild, increasing your winnings. One doubles you winning and two multiplies them by four. The other symbols on the game are the classic symbols on almost all three reel games. You will see the cherries, which will give you a win with even just one on the payline. Bars, including singles, doubles, triples and mixed combinations also pay out. The second highest winning combination is three sevens.

Excellent Fun And Fortune

As a bit more than a classic casino slot game but not too far into the newer styles, Fortune Cookie Slots is a great wagering option for those new to online gaming or those that are old hands. The great news is that this game is available as both a flash game and a download, meaning you can play it without a full casino download from anywhere, or also play it from the casino software.