Track and Fieldmouse Slots

Track and Fieldmouse is a classic slot game, with three (3) reels, one (1) payline, and five (5) winnings combinations. The theme of the game revolves over the Olympic style track and field, but with a mouse feel to it.

The graphics are extremely clean, with a very easy to use format powered by Microgaming. Graphics symbols include: Mouse, Orange, Water Melon, Cherry, Lemon, Plum and Bars. As mentioned, it is quite a classic and simple game, and as such, it has no wild or scatter symbols, but it does have a bonus game – see below – as well as a wide selection of bets possible.

Bets, Jackpots, and Bonuses

Bets options are quite ample for this simple game, and they include coin sizes: $0.1, $0.2, $0.25, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, and $10 – with a max bet of one (1) coin or $10, for a top jackpot of 500 coins.

As for the bonus game – well, they are more of features to be exact, and they include the: Hold, The Nudge, The Nudge Repeat, the Gamble Nudge, and the Nudge Bank Held. The Hold will basically hold a reel while the other two (2) are re-spinning – it might even hold more than just one (1) reel for you – depending on your luck. As for the Nudge, it basically moves the reel or reels one spot, substituting the graphic or graphics currently there for the next one. The repeat nudge is random, like all of them, and it does just as its name, it repeats the nudge for you. The Gamble nudge will award you additional nudges, and the Nudge bank help basically holds all your nudges – those awarded to you so far – adding them up until you are ready to use them, using them at once too if you prefer.

Tips for Slots

Now in terms of some playing tips in regards to the bonus features of hold and nudge, there is no real answer that could get you a guaranteed win unfortunately. The best tip is just try them out and see how you feel using them; you might want to try them with lower bets, just since you messing around first.

Nudges could help you achieve that winning combination in one spin, but it could have altered your chances for a jackpot on the next spin – who knows…. Same thing goes with the hold – it could increase your chances for a winning combination if you are holding two (2) reels with the same graphic, but once again, who knows if it will alter your next spin or not – that is why you should try it out first, and see how you feel or if you are lucky enough to get a big win with them too.

These are basically just extra features to enhance the entertainment and excitement of the game, and even though you might win some extra coins using them here and there, they are no guaranteed of getting the jackpot.

So stay within your strategy, have fun – and Play Track and Fieldmouse Now!