Thousand Island Slots

If you love Classic Slot Machines, try Thousand Island slots. It's a simple 3-reel, single-payline game. There's no fuss making it a great game for someone new to online slot machines. This simplistic slot game requires a bet of one or two coins, so you don't have to wager a lot to win the 1,600 coin prize. The top prize may not seem high, but this 3-reel game includes a wild symbol, so your chances of landing a winning combination are much higher than in other 3-reel online slots.

What you notice immediately is that this is not just any slot game. The look is very distinct. Soothing coffee-hued color schemes give it an air of distinction. It doesn't come off as corny or attention getting. It has a respectable feel that puts it in a whole different class. The paytable is incorporated on the main screen, so you'll always know what you need to win.

Playing Thousand Island Slots

There really is no challenge to starting a game of Thousand Island slots. Start by choosing the coin value, anywhere from 25 cents to $5. Decide if you want to wager one or two coins. Once you've got those set, spin the reels.

Thousand Island Slots Symbols

The symbol you really want to see is the 1,000 Symbol. This is your wild card and helps to create winning combos. If you get three of them on your payline, you win the top prize of 1,600 coins.

The 1,000 Symbol in Thousand Island slots is also a scatter. When you get one, your winnings are doubled. If you land two on the payline, you get a 4x multiplier.

Other important symbols include the triple gold bars and the 7's. Both earn cash rewards of up to 200 coins. At the lower end of the list are the cherries, single gold bars and double gold bars.

Play Thousand Island Slots Today

Thousand Island slots is found in any Microgaming casino. Once you've chosen your favorite website casino, download their free software. From the easily navigated casino screen, you can quickly create your player's account, add money to your account and take advantage of current Microgaming casino promotions.

Many casinos offer no deposit bonuses allowing you to play Thousand Island slots without risking any of your own money. Simply take the free cash that the casino offers and spin the reels. Once you've experienced the sophisticated look and easy game play of Thousand Island slots, you'll be hooked.