The Mobile App Explosion

Online gambling has certainly advanced and continues to do so each year. There are countless changes alone in the way player's access online games. At one time, you needed a desk top computer to engage in online gaming but today players can access any game right from their mobile device. The result has been that a lot more people are playing because it is convenient.

Mobile apps have never been easier to access through the Apple Store or Google Play, with availability in iOS, Android and Windows phones. It is even possible for people to enjoy online gaming in countries or states with restrictions. There are no limits on the new mobile apps and there is something for everyone.

You now have the ability to select your favorite game provider or your favorite online casino through mobile apps. The incentives that come with these mobile apps are limitless. The only drawback is those with regulatory requirements may not see real money gambling apps in your store but will find plenty of suitable options.

Earlier in 2023, Google suggested that all online gaming sites should be mobile friendly and utilize a ranking signal. Those that failed to do so would lose rank and fall down the list of search engines. This caused an explosion in the world of mobile apps and these sites can now be accessed from any device and players no longer have to download an app to navigate a gambling site from a mobile device.