Swamp of Fortune Slots

Swamp of Fortune Slots is hands down one of the most entertaining video slot games we have ever played. Rarely do you come across a game where the designers of it have obviously felt such sheer delight in putting it together, and it really comes across in the game play. How do we describe this? It's sort of like if the Addams Family where to become a video slot, but funnier. The graphics are outlandish and fun, and the soundtrack is fantastic - fully orchestrated pulp horror. Fantastic graphics and sound aside, this is an infectious slot with 2 different bonus games and a massive $50,000 jackpot. We can't recommend it highly enough. Play Swamp of Fortune Slots now!

Swamp Life

Ghoulish though this game is, you shouldn't be frightened of taking it on, because it's actually dead easy to play. There are five beastly reels covered in ghastly creatures from the swamp. Your aim is to spin these reels, and try to get a matched line of the same creature forming up along a pay line. To make things easier, there are 20 different pay lines that you can play - not just the center one. Each line you add costs one extra coin on your bet, but the more lines you add, the more chances to win you have on each spin.

Curious Creatures in the Nether Reaches

The pay table is a glorious menagerie of strange creatures. The lower end is made up of venomous plants including a Venus Flytrap, a Rotten Apple and a Weird Watermelon - all worth between 100 and 400 coins, and all requiring at least 3 in a row to win. The rest of the pay table is made up of curious creatures. They pay out on combos of only 2, and are worth between 500 and 5,000 coins! Watch out also for the Wild Rat, who can substitute for any thing, and the Scatter Rat, who can award you up to 30 free spins of the reels.

Beastly Bonuses

The Bonus round gets triggered when 3 or more Bonus symbols land anywhere on an active pay line. What's cool about this is that if you play multiple play lines, many of them intersect, and it's possible to get 2 or even 3 chances at the Bonus round off the same bunch of symbols. In the game, you go down into the swamp where a couple of weird plants are growing, and you squeeze them. Body parts pop out of them, and begin to form up into creatures. There are 3 possible creatures you can make, depending on which plants you squeeze, and you win the cash associated with whichever monster you finish first.