Shadow Gods Slots

Who are the Shadow Gods? They sound like gods you may never come face to face with. However, all that is about to change. The slot game called Shadow Gods does feature the two gods in question. It also reveals they could be beneficial to meet.

Let’s go through the various features offered in this game. It certainly stands out from many others you could play.

Who developed the Shadow Gods slot game?

We should owe a debt of gratitude to a certain Realtime Gaming for giving us the opportunity to play this game. They’re known by the initials RTG as well.

Did you know you can play a practice version?

It’s true – it plays out just as the real one does, except there are no real prizes. It does give you the experience of playing it though. You can then figure out whether to switch to real action.

Can you figure out where these gods come from?

Gods feature in many mythological stories across the world. You probably know of the Greek gods and the Norse gods – both of whom have appeared in slot games.

Here, though, we are heading for familiar territory in the shape of ancient Egypt. The two gods featured in this game are Horus and Anubis. Even if you’ve never heard of them, you won’t forget them in a hurry. The game has made them look more striking than ever.

An outstanding design

Some slot games are worth marveling at for a while before you do anything else. You’ll do that here too. They’ve used a superb mix of colors to make everything you look at pop.

Basic features to note in Shadow Gods slots

Right – let’s begin. There are five reels involved and each one has three symbols on it. It doesn’t give you the chance to try for any progressive jackpot prizes though.

We don’t get one wild symbol here – we get two. And yes, you’d be correct if you thought they might be the two gods themselves. Horus appears on reel two and Anubis appears two reels further over on the fourth one. Since they are gods, they occupy three spots each. The full-height symbols are impressive.

The game includes a nudge feature. This means that if a god appears on one or two spots on its reel, it is nudged until it shows in full. So, it might mean you snag a prize when you would otherwise have missed out.

The scatter is a Pharaoh’s mask. Meanwhile, the gold coins that occasionally turn up are worth looking for too. We’ll explain more about those elsewhere in our review.

How many paylines are there?

You can choose up to 50 lines to play in this slot game. We always recommend covering every single one if you are going to play. There is nothing worse than missing a prize that appears on a line you hadn’t bet on.

Speaking of bets…

This is not going to qualify as a penny slot, sadly. Instead, you can expect to pay four times that much for each line you play. A quick bit of math tells us the minimum wager to cover every line would be $2.

If you usually play much larger wagers than that, there are other coins that make it possible to do this.

Read the rules first

These are contained in the paytable, where you can find out more about the game, how the various features work, and what else you might discover during play. (Of course, we’re going to reveal much of that here, too.)

The bonus round is reachable via those gold coins

You knew that would be the case, didn’t you? You must find six in a spin to unlock the round. The triggering coins stay fixed where they are. All the other spots get three respins.

The challenge is to find more gold coins if you can. Whenever that occurs, they stay fixed in place and your respin count resets to three. You are going to run out of spins eventually though. When this happens, you’ll see how many gold coins are on your reels.

A total of between six and 14 coins would result in a total prize relating to the values shown on every coin. If you were to complete the set of 15 gold coins, you would receive the Grand Prize instead… No word on what that might be, but it is bound to be good.

There are free spins available too

Three Pharaoh mask scatter icons are required for this round to begin. You can choose from two versions as well.

The first option is to go for the two expanded wild reels occupied by Horus and Anubis. Six spins are given with these in place.

The second option also gives you six spins. However, in this case, the fifth reel is displayed with three gold coins in view. That means you can try and find another three during your free spins to unlock the bonus. This is the Treasure Spins version of the round.

Regardless of how you play the games, you can trigger another set in the same manner.

No RTP value has been advertised

This may not surprise you as RTG has rarely released the values for any of its games.

Our rating is going to be a high one…

We’re rarely inspired enough to give any slot game a score of nine or more out of 10. However, we enjoyed this game enough to rank it as 9.5 out of 10. It’s hard to award the full score because of the 2D appearance. Wouldn’t it have looked even better if it had been released in 3D? Maybe they’ll read this and re-release it…

Potential winners will like the potential here

We’ve researched the potential for winning prizes that is on offer here. The top result would be a massive 50,000x your wager. Can you imagine that?

Play the demo to begin with

The demo is a real chance to check out how good this game looks. It’s smooth to play too – a real modern slot if ever there was one.

Play for real to witness the power of the Shadow Gods

The gods are waiting for you, so are you going to see whether you can claim some good fortune from them today? Find the game among the titles at an online casino showing RTG games whenever you’re ready.

Mobile gaming is good too

The colors and graphics involved here are sharp enough to be impressive even on a smartphone. You can have a great time playing on a tablet too – on iOS or Android – as you desire.