Gods of Luxor Slots

Gods of Luxor Slots
The Gods of Luxor oversaw a different Egypt to the country we see today. Yet many of the ancient structures still stand among modern buildings. It is no wonder we are all captivated by Luxor and Egypt at large.

In this slot game, we can experience ancient Egypt once more. Sure, it might be a popular setting for a slot, but we can learn more about it and discover how it might play out in this case.

Who developed Gods of Luxor?

You may be surprised to learn we are in the hands of Bovada here – yes, the same Bovada name connected to the online casino. That’s where you’ll find this game.

Try the demo first

Even when you have read our game review, you may still be undecided about whether to play. Don’t worry – you can start with the demo to make your mind up.

A popular take on a popular theme

We’ve already revealed the Egyptian setting for this one, but since the Gods of Luxor are mentioned in the title, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What about the design?

Everything looks like it is made from giant stone blocks – even the symbols on the reels. This just makes the symbols stand out more though, especially since Bovada has used lots of colors for those.

Learn how to play here

We can begin by revealing the 5 x 3 format used in this game. There are no spinning reels though – each individual symbol spins instead. At least, each one flips over and over until it stops. They are all made from stone, aren’t they? No progressives in this game, though.

We can see a scarab beetle, brightly colored, as the substitute. It carries a 2x multiplier and can replace everything else apart from the ankh, which is used as a scatter. Many games don’t pay out only for wilds, but this one does. Finding five on a line is the best outcome, delivering a full 10,000x your bet. The 2x multiplier doesn’t apply to this prize, though.

How many paylines do you get?

There is a familiar quantity here – 20 of them.

Is this an affordable game to play?

We think so – 20 cents get you a wager of one cent per line. That makes it a penny slot, even though you’re playing 20 cents at the minimum. There are many other coin values too, and if you chose the biggest, you’d wager a huge $200 on a single spin.

Paytable information for Gods of Luxor

We loved this paytable because it was so easy to read. While many paytables require scrolling or changing from one page to the next, you can choose where you go in this one. The options are on the left and you’ll see the details for whichever info you need on the right.

There is a bonus

It’s a small yet potent one. We think this is random, and it can only appear after you receive a prize from the reels. Even then, it does not always occur. If it does trigger, the Wheel of Gods appears. This has seven sections on it and a green pointer at the top. Spin it to see which segment it lands on. Since each one contains a multiplier, you’re guaranteed to receive one of those.

The value you get multiplies the prize you won before the wheel appeared. So… how much bigger could that prize become?

Free spins in Gods of Luxor

The games are won by finding three or more scattered ankh symbols. These award a standard 15 free spins. Each spin carries a 3x multiplier for prizes won. The only way you wouldn’t get this multiplier is if you found five beetles for the 10,000x prize. In that case, we doubt you’d even notice!

No advertised RTP for this one

Bovada hasn’t given us the return to player percentage here.

How good is this slot game?

Opinion comes into this, of course, but we believe Gods of Luxor is a good 8/10 slot game. We’ll be interested to see if you agree with us on this.

Wild beetles are the best symbols to find

With that 10,000x top prize available, who can say which person might be fortunate enough to grab that next?

The demo reveals all

If you want to play the game to see how it might play out for you, you can do so at Bovada Casino today.

Sign up to play for real – and don’t forget your welcome bonus

That bonus changes over time, so check out the Bovada Casino welcome today if you need to sign up to play the real version of Gods of Luxor.

Mobile accessibility

Play on computer, play on iOS devices, play on Android – it’s your choice.