Ape King Slots

Few of us would want to come face to face with an ape. Could that be a negative experience, we wonder? It is time to find out whether the Ape King in this slot game is going to prove friend or foe.

This is a new game for 2024, so we've dug deep to bring you a comprehensive game review here. You'll soon know what to expect from the game when you choose to load it for the first time.

Developer details to start us off

It's nice to see which team is behind any new slot, as it gives us an idea of what might lay ahead. In this case, we've got RTG at the helm.

A demo version is released alongside the real one

If you prefer, as we do, to try a game before you do anything else, you can find that option in the Ape King slot. Just be sure you do have the practice version loaded instead of the real one.

An animal theme

This theme has been done many times over, but this version still has some differences in store. The Ape King is central to the story, but there are many other monkeys involved as well.

The design reels you in

If you can get past the pun on reels there, you'll see how appealing this game is. The detail is outstanding, with a jungle setting creating the scene. The monkeys on the reels themselves are well drawn too.

How to play the Ape King game

The game offers five reels but has no progressive jackpots. You may wish to look through the paytable prizes to see what's available before you do anything else.

The game does have a wild symbol to look out for, but if you think it's the Ape King himself, you are mistaken. To keep things interesting, you're going to look for a pot filled with treasure. Think of jewels and gems and you'll get the idea. The wild can appear on the middle three reels of the game. Unusually, the base game only uses the wild as a sub for the Ape King.

That rule changes if you can reach the free spin feature. We'll cover that shortly, but in the meantime, we'll just confirm that the wild substitutes for all symbols when you get that far.

No paylines to bet on

You might guess that means the Ape King slot works on ways to win instead. Given the 5 x 3 format, you've got 243 possibilities for prizes to land on each spin.

Bets for many players

Perhaps not all players, but most should find something affordable to consider. The cheapest spin wager is 30 cents. In way win slots, the game assumes a minimum quantity of coins wagered on each spin. This game assumes 30. The biggest wager involves placing $150 on each spin… something for the high rollers only.

Look for a burger and find the paytable

The burger icon is shown as three small horizontal lines. This appears underneath the reels. Once you select it, you'll be shown the paytable.

Is there a bonus round in the Ape King slot game?>

No, nothing of the sort is provided in this game.

Free spins can be won in two ways

The game includes a random trigger for these, so if you are playing for money, you could be surprised with a set of free games after any spin. However, you can still trigger them if four or more scatter symbols appear in one base game spin.

The games do not come in a set quantity. Instead, you play the Jungle Battle Feature when you get started. This unusual element means you cannot retrigger the game feature. You would need to return to the base game and then try to access it again to play once more.

There are five other apes in the game. The idea is that those apes do battle against the Ape King. Which side will win? You can play through the free games until the battle is over. However, a prize is won by you regardless of the outcome. This could be anything ranging from 10x to 50,000x, so watch the battle progress and see what happens.

Do we know the return to player percentage?

No, this has not yet been announced for Ape King.

How well do we rate the Ape King slot game?

We are going to give this 7.5 out of 10 points. The free spin feature is the centerpiece, but it is a little tricky to work out what is happening. We played it a couple times during the free version of the slot and still couldn't quite figure it out. It's interesting, though, and does make a change to receiving a set quantity of spins.

How much could you get from the free spin feature?

If you do battle in this portion of the game, that top prize of 50,000x your triggering bet is up for grabs. Chances are you won't get anywhere near it, but hey, it's nice to dream.

Play for practice only

It really is best to do this to start with. You can see how the bets work and whether the free spins battle is worth playing it for real.

Play for real if you're a member of an RTG casino

There are plenty of casinos offering all the available games from RTG. Ape King is now included there too, so check out the potential to sign up as a member and play the real version.

Go ape on mobile too

The Ape King comes with compatibility for all devices, including smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS among others.