Pyramid Pets Slots

Explore a version of Ancient Egypt where the pyramids have been taken over by fluffy pets. In this 5-reel bonus slot, cascading wins shape the experience you’ll have with each winning spin. Read our review of Pyramid Pets slots to learn more about the prizes and bonus features.

Multiply Your Payouts as You Get Winning Combinations

Prizes in Pyramid Pets slots are already generous, but they get even better when you have a winning combination. Take a closer look at the paytable.

  • Ankh – 3 to 50 coins
  • Scarab – 4 to 75 coins
  • Eye of Horus – 5 to 100 coins
  • Owlet (Ra) – 10 to 200 coins
  • Puppy (Anubis) – 15 to 500 coins
  • Lizard/Alligator (Sobek) – 20 to 1,000 coins
  • Kitten (Bastet) – 50 to 2,500

Two more symbols round out the game’s paytable. The Wild has no value, but it helps form winning paylines. The Paw Print is a scatter that triggers the free spins.

With any winning combination, the winning symbols vanish and new ones fall into place. This triggers the chance to form new winning combinations with a multiplier of up to 5x in the base game.

Paw Prints Trigger the Free Spins Bonus

Three Paw Print scatters trigger the free spins bonus. Start with 10 free spins. If you get enough scatters, you’ll double the free spins you started with. Keep going until you’re out of free spins.

That’s one of several bonus features. The Pharaoh Multiplier is another that’s available in all base games and free spins. When you have a winning combination, the Pharaoh Multiplier increases. Additional wins grow the multiplier to the next level. Prizes become substantial with this feature. In the base game, the Pharaoh Multiplier goes from 1x to 5x, but it rises from 3x to 15x in the free spins bonus round.

A Few More Things to Know About Pyramid Pets

Betting options start at $2 and go up to $100. All 20 paylines are automatically selected, so you don’t have to change that part of the bet.

We try to incorporate a 10-spin test into our slot game reviews to show what a typical session is like. For this test, we opted for a $5 total bet and got started.

  • 1st spin - $17.75
  • 2nd spin - $1.25
  • 3rd spin - $1
  • 5th spin - $4.75
  • 7th spin - $2

Half of our spins lead to wins, and the first had several winning combinations bringing us to the 3x multiplier. That feature is one of the reasons we give Pyramid Pets high praise.

Pyramid Pets slots is a medium volatility game with 20 paylines and a maximum per-spin payout of 50,000 coins. If you’re ready to take a trip into a slot that pairs an Ancient Egypt slot with adorable animals, this game delivers everything you could want.