Skull Duggery Slots

With Pirates of the Caribbean a favorite among movie goers, it's no surprise that a brand new slot game called Skull Duggery was just released. Although this is a pirate theme-based slot, you'll be surprised to see fruit symbols in this slot game. But then, Pirates have to eat! This is a very user-friendly slot game, with vivid graphics (although one-dimensional), and some very interesting bonus features.

The Strategy is Simple….Follow the Pirates

A 5-reel, 9-payline bonus video slot, Skull Duggery has a jackpot worth 12,000 coins. The max bet is 5 coins for a total of $45 per spin. However, you can use any of the coin denominations available starting with 45 cents. There are 38 winning combinations, so it's a good idea to read the pay table as it explains the symbols, payouts, and bonus feature. There is no auto-play feature in this slot game.

Aargh! Shiver Me Timbers!

The symbols in Skull Duggery Slots are not what you might expect, at least not for this genre. But they work well in this game. They include: bananas, coconuts, grapes, mangos, oranges, dagger on a map, stein, green skull, the Skull Duggery Logo, and an image of a thief carrying a treasure box (known as the blue Booty Bonus symbol). The last three of these symbols are crucial to increasing your winnings. The Skull Duggery Logo symbol is wild and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter and booty symbol. It is also a wild multiplier, which means that anytime it appears in a winning combination, you win three times your initial bet. If you get all five Skull Duggery symbols, you win the 12,000-coin jackpot. The Green Skull is the scatter symbol and when appearing in winning combinations will multiply your winnings. But it is the Booty Symbol that will take you to the very unusual bonus round.

The Booty Bonus Game

When you get three or more Booty symbols, you will activate the Booty Bonus Game. Here you will be presented with five thieves; four men and a woman. Each has been assigned a dollar amount. Your task is to choose one of the five to collect your bonus.

Pirates of the Caribbean

While Skull Duggery Slots is no Pirates of the Caribbean, it is certainly a fun and easy slot game to play, with an unusually lucrative jackpot. We highly recommend you download and play Skull Duggery Slots by opening an account at any one of our featured online casinos.