Snow Honeys Slots

There's nothing more ideal than to break away for a while and retire to a log cabin at a mountain ski resort. Even better is to be surprised by scantily clad women parading around in the freezing cold in their fur trimmed coats! With this Microgaming slot the fun really never ends. Found in the bonus slot portfolio Snow Honey's has 5 reels and 20 paylines, all the better to pay you out!Join and play Snow Honeys Slots now or keep reading...

More wins and more spins

Everything in this game is adjustable from the speed, right through to the coin size which ranges from 1c to 50c and up to 10 coins per line. A max bet will set you back $100 and a minimum bet on all paylines, a mere 20c. So this game is suited to middle to low rollers who prefer to play for longer with smaller wins. Remember that activating all paylines with at least one coin is a must. Wins on de-activated paylines don't count!

Since there is an expert mode incorporated into this game, use it! You are after all going to be spending a lot of time and a lot of spins while your accumulate a good balance. Set up autoplay to play out 500 spins and to stop on the jackpot and also to let you play the bonus round yourself. As your balance increases slowly increase your bet amount. Remember that there is no other benefit other than proportional wins to up your risk. So keep it low, spread the risk and slowly reap in the rewards.

Scatters for playing and for paying

Snow Honey's has two scatters and no wild symbols. A minimum of three ski resort signs will award you with as many as 30 free spins! They do not need to be on an activated payline to matter. Their win will pay you two times what you bet and the winnings from the free spins will be multiplied by 3. Five of these symbols will pay you 100 times your bet PLUS you free spins stash will be paid out at a 5 times multiplier.

The second scatter is the ice castle. Three adjacent symbols will launch the Hide and Seek Bonus round. The scatter multiplies the wins in exactly the same way as does the ski resort sign.

All in all there are 32 winning combinations made up from the 3 half dressed ladies, a Snow Honey's logo, and a ski ranger to name but a few! Welcome to the ice castle with some cool winnings inside Besides the free spins there is also the Hide and Seek Bonus Feature. This is where you get to choose 5 shuttered windows in the ice castle which open one at a time to reveal a prize. At the end of the round the prizes are totaled and added to your balance. Two very nice bonuses, easy to play and easy to win.

For a sweet treat play Snow Honey's today

Don't wait for the winter or that lucky break to take time and chill with these delectable Snow Honey's. Now is the time to put all your other plans on ice and break a sweat down the slopes of your favorite ski resort. Download the casino and sign up for an account; you have to be playing to be winning.