Silent Screen Slots

Travel way back to the romantic, sublime, grand old golden era of silent movies with this entertaining multi-line slots game, Silent Screen. One major difference between this game and silent movies, though, is that the player gets to have the silent movie experience, but this time updated with fantastic sound effects and a distinctively modern interface with splendid graphics. Needless to say, this makes the game unbelievably easy to play as well as extremely entertaining and, of course, rewarding, with huge jackpot prizes and special bonus features with graphics reminiscent of the majestic olden-day big screen.

Lights, camera, action! - Cool play tips

Start off by logging in to your favorite casino ( try some of our favorites cryptologic casinos )- you can also download the software onto your computer. Then go to the games menu and look for the Silent Screen slots interface. Click on it to start playing. In the slot interface, choose the number of pay lines - or betting areas - that you would like to play. As always, when you do this, ensure that the coin denomination that you choose is in accordance with your budget. Click on the button 'Spin' so as to spin the five reels of the slot machine. Amazing, this really is all you need to know about the game, it's that easy to play!

Go get your gains!

To find out the prizes which can be won, you will need to go to the pay table interface of the Silent Screen slots game. Here, you will be able to see the coin payout amounts of the game, which means that the payout value will consist of whatever coin denomination you will have played in the game. For instance, if the payout is indicated as 2,000, this means that the prize you will receive will be $500.00 if you played with a coin denomination of $0.25 - best odds for a small initial outlay! Are you tempted yet?

Triumph at the Movie House!

This game is noteworthy because the player has the opportunity to win an extraordinary amount of not just 1, not just 2, not just 3, but up to 4 jackpot prizes. These prizes are all randomly awarded on a progressive basis. Random…progressive - it's all good, isn't it? It means that as you go along, the chances of winning jackpot prizes will increase. Great incentive to play!

Magnificent Mayhem at the Movies

You can progressively win prizes under the remarkable Movie Mayhem bonus feature, which is also triggered off on a random basis. Movie Mayhem consists of a cool feature in which players get to look for tickets to the movies - yet another enjoyable aspect of Silent Slots.

Scattered cameras give you more than just photos!

Have you ever taken a beautiful photo and won a prize for it? Or filmed a movie and won an Oscar? No? Well, the bonus feature of this game gives you the opportunity to win without having to do any of these things! This bonus feature of the Silent Screen game is triggered off when three scattered Cameras (or even more than three if you are lucky!) appear in any section on the reels of the slot machine. Every single time this feature is activated, you will be awarded a mind-boggling number of free spins - fifteen in total. What's more, with these incredible free spins, all of your prizes are not just doubled, but actually tripled!

Astonishing tripled prizes, hugely rewarding bonus features, enormous gains, an absolutely amazing number of free spins, all combined with the allure, mystique and drama of the big screen - stop waiting around, give in to the temptation and thrill of winning.