Scrooge Slots

Sometimes it's good to have some seasonal slots games to try out, and if you try the Scrooge Slots game you will definitely get into a festive mood!

You'll love the game because it has a feel of A Christmas Carol, the famous novel by Charles Dickens. It is packed with features and benefits and is very honest to the original story. The graphics are superb and the user friendly nature of the game will make it a top favorite with you.

How do you play the game?

When you first sit down to play Scrooge Slots you'll see five reels in front of you and a huge fifty paylines. Make sure you have a budget set in advance so you know how far it will go. Smaller bets on more paylines mean you have more chances of scooping more prizes!

Make sure you read through the rules to find out what the different symbols mean, so you know what they all stand for.

Are there any special symbols in the game?

Yes, you will see all the famous characters in the Scrooge Slots game, including all three of the ghosts! The Scrooge logo acts as the wild symbol while a door knocker appears as a scatter symbol.

All the regular symbols are great to watch out for too, including Tiny Tim. Every single one is exceptionally well drawn as you'll see.

Is there a bonus round to look forward to?

There is a chance of a free spins game if you manage to hit the 'collect free spins' option on the calendar that counts down to Christmas Day.

But the big bonus round game is really worth watching for! You just need to find three door knockers to trigger the game, and then you can feed Christmas dinner to the guests on the screen to see whether you win a huge prize.

Play Scrooge Slots now to get into the Christmas spirit!

If you haven't yet downloaded and played Scrooge Slots, make sure you do it today! There is no better festive game out there to play, and you will love every minute of trying the game out to see if you can trigger that all important bonus round.

Who knows, this Christmas could be better than ever if you are fortunate enough to win on Scrooge Slots! Maybe Scrooge isn't as miserly as you thought he was.