Queen of the Jungle Slots

The jungle is the last truly magical place on earth, and all the bright colors, adventure and heart stopping excitement are waiting for you beyond the trees in Queen of the Jungle.

For a long time Jungle King was chief at online casinos like Betway Casino with his 5 reels and his 25 paylines. Others have tried and failed – like Jungle Jim at Free Spins Slots. Jim’s got some colorful friends, but his cheesy smile grates on my nerves. No the King reigns at Betway , but he must share is thrown room with his lovely Queen.

Anyone who’s played a game of chess knows that the only player as important as the king piece is the queen. So, if anyone can stand up to the Jungle King it’s the Queen of the Jungle. She may not have as many paylines – just 9 for this Queen – but it’s more than enough to win you the 30 000 jackpot which, during free spins, can be multiplied three times and up to 127x your total bet during bonus rewards. Download and play Queen of the Jungle Slots now!

Check Out How Pretty She Is

This game is a work of art. Brightly rendered in clear crisp graphics set the jungle scene – it’s a jackpot for your eyes with lush tropical fruits, exotic jungle cocktails and a range of helpful characters including the dramatic Queen of the Jungle, her Tarzan-like admirer and her monkey friends who are both adorable and helpful.

The Queen of the Jungle is a beautiful exotic woman, who doesn’t reign at a distance. She gets in the game with you and her eccentric monkey friends to seek out riches and passion – well passion fruit. Join her in adventure for as little as 1¢ but the Jungle isn’t for the timid of heart – play for $90 to max out your chances of hitting the big jackpot.

Enjoy The Queen of the Jungle’s Generosity

The Queen of the Jungle knows that when you’re lost in the jungle there is nothing more comforting then stumbling across a little help. And when you’re playing online, there is nothing more helpful then stumbling across a Free Spins Slot. This Queen is a generous ruler. She grants you 15 free spins you make her an offering of passion juice on reels 3, 4 or 5. Her generosity doesn’t tied to a 3x multiplier. This generous Free Spins feature can be re-triggered.

Play With the Monkeys

The Monkeys are more than helpful when you get three of them together. Then they will grant you 2x your total bet and 200 times your total bet if 5 of these friendly little guys appear together anywhere on your reels.

And the monkey help doesn’t end there. Dive deeper into this jungle adventure and join the monkeys in one of their 3 bonus games. In Monkey Gift, you choose from 9 gifts the monkeys offer you. The monkeys give you three chances to find their most expensive gift. In the Monkey Chop, one of your monkey friends chops coconuts filled with prizes. When one of the coconuts fails to break the bonus round is over. In Monkey Fetch, more of your monkey friends climb vines and fetch you some tasty fruit. Pick 3 monkeys and reap the prizes hidden in the fruit they collected for you. No matter which monkey bonus game you play, you are bound to be pleased with your jungle prizes.

Queen of the Jungle Video Slot Game is the grown jewel of the jungle slots and one you have to play to believe.